Sunday, February 2, 2014

WATCH: Joel Goodwin (@JazzSoulMetal) Piano Tribute to @BSLADE and @TonexVault

Check out this DOPE tribute to B.Slade and Tonex performed by the homie Joel Goodwin.

Here's the song listing and their respective album associations:

1. 'Bout A Thang (Tonex) - from the album "02"
1. Back (B. Slade) - from the album "A Brilliant Catastrophe (alpha)"
2. Honestly (Tonex) - from the album "The London Letters"
4. Going Away (honestly remix). (B. Slade) - from the album "A Brilliant Catastrophe (beta)
3. Blazed (B. Slade) - from the album "A Brilliant Catastrophe (alpha)"
.4. Another world (B. Slade) - from "The JACK5ON Magic Mixtape"
5. Coffee philosophy (B.Slade) - from the album "Cigar" 
7. Could It be You (B. Slade) - from the album "Deep Purple" 
8. Taxi (Tonex) - from the album "Pronounced Toe-Nay"



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