New Music: @LadyGaga - "Cake/Trap"

 In what I HOPE is a tongue-in-cheek parody of trap music,
a new track from @LadyGaga just leaked.
This is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

New Music: @Rihanna - "Diamonds"

I'm really diggin' this.
Low-key, subdued and sexy.

Voter Fraud Caught On Tape In Colorado! [Video]

Someone in El Paso County, Colorado, was registering to vote and was told that the
 registration area was only supporting Mitt Romney.
Once the young lady saw she was on tape, she panicked.
So, now we know that this is happening, that this is a sign of what probably happened
during the 2000 elections (and most likely the 2004 elections) when
Al Gore actually WON, but George W, Bush was actually sworn in after a BS recount,
at some point we have to wake up and realize what's going on.
Stand up and be counted.

@BSLADE Live At @WitzEndLive - ONE SHOW LEFT! Get Your Tix NOW!!!

Just came back from one of the most AMAZING performances I have 
ever seen, hands down.
Make sure you get your tix NOW.
@BSLADE's performances were top-notch, his band is INCREDIBLE,
and the energy is electric.
His final show of his WitZend residency is 9.28.2012
Get your tix NOW by clicking HERE!
Shoutout to the entire staff at WitZend for their hospitality.

Coming Soon: @DarrylStephens, @OlanaHimmel, @WonderTwinMedia - "Something Like A Butterfly"

Coming Soon.... 

New Music: @TheRealLEvans - "One Of Us" [Joan Osborne Cover]

Singer and songwriter Lauren Evans (@TheRealLEvans)
has released a stunning version of Joan Osborne's classic,
"One Of Us", from her forthcoming mixtape "Uncovered".
My homie @MarkChappelle linked me to her music and
now I'm eagerly awaiting the mixtape.
Ms. Evans has written songs for the likes of Kelly Rowland,
JoJo, Vanessa Williams, and more.
Check the lyric video below and post your thoughts.

New Visual: @Macklemore & @RyanLewis - "Thrift Shop" (Featuring Wanz)

This video and song are HILARIOUS...
That R. Kelly reference KILLS me every time I hear it.

Pre-Order The Deluxe Version Of @Macklemore & @RyanLewis' "The Heist" NOW!

Do yourself a favor... get this real Hip-Hop.

New Music: @Macklemore & @RyanLewis - Same Love Feat. @MaryLambertSing

Seattle's own @Macklemore & @RyanLewis  along with @MaryLambertSing
drop knowledge for The Children and their allies.
I DEFINITELY need to work with this guy.

New Visual: Randy Newman - "I'm Dreaming"

Check out this politically-driven SATIRE by Randy Newman.
The song is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but Mr. Newman is requesting
donations to UNCF.
Said Mr. Newman of the song, 
“I often write songs in character. You can’t always trust or believe the narrators in my songs. So why listen? Good question.  
“Anyway the guy in this song may exist somewhere. Let’s hope not. Vote in November.” 

@MissyElliott and @Timbaland Interview on Power 105 NYC [Video]

Timbo and Missy sat down with New York's Power 105 for an extensive interview to promote
@MissyElliott and @Timbaland discuss Missy's recovery from Graves' Disease,
and their reaction to Drake allegedly producing an Aaliyah posthumous album 
without their knowledge, among other things.

This Is Why I Love Rachel Maddow [Video]

Mitt Romney's Freudian Slip? [Video] [LOL]

Here's a quick video of Mitt Romney on "Live! With Kelly & Michael".
His question was who he'd prefer to play his wife in a movie of his life.
His answer is EPIC.

New Music: @MissyElliott And @Timbaland - "Triple Threat" & "9th Inning"

It's about TIME!!!

DJ BrainChild: Black Doll (The Janet Jackson Mix)


@AliciaKeys Pays Homage To Jean-Michel Basquiat In New Lyric Video

Here's the new lyric video for Alicia Keys' new single "Not Even The King".
I like the song but absolutely LOVE the visual tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat,
One of my FAVORITE artists.

New Visual: @Frank_Ocean Featuring John Mayer - "Pyramids" [NSFW]

Fresh off of his "SNL" stint this pas Saturday, @Frank_Ocean 
released the full music video for his single from his album, "Channel Orange".

What Mitt Romney REALLY Thinks Of President Obama [Video]

Health Care and Food are "entitlements"???

New Music: Prince - "Rock & Roll Love Affair"

PRINCE// Photo Credit: Justine Walpole via Andy Allo's Twitter Page
 Prince debuted a new song, "Rock & Roll Love Affair" on various radio stations today.
No word on whether this will be on a new album or not.

New Music: @Enxo - "RISE"

 I am SO proud of @Enxo
I've progressively heard his growth through his music over the years and it inspires me.
The production on this hip-hop track is stellar, and I'm proud to call him a friend.
Apparently, this is the title track for his upcoming album.
Support real talent by going to ENXOMUSIC.COM. Don't be late. Get into this.  

New Music: @ColinMunroe - "Unsung Hero" [Mixtape]

One of my favorite artists, @ColinMunroe has released a new mixtape
to prelude his upcoming Capitol Records debut, FINALLY set for early 2013.
As some of you readers may know, I've been following Colin for a few years now starting with his
FIRST mixtape, "Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero" from back in 2009.


THIS: Bill Clinton's DNC 2012 Speech

One of the best president's this generation ever saw.
Forget what you heard.

@LupeFiasco Retires on Twitter; Says Next Album Will Be Final Release

In response to the recent murder of Chief Keef rival, 16-year old rapper Lil' JoJo,  and Chief Keef's subsequent message to Lupe (which now is confirmed to be fake and the issue squashed)
@LupeFiasco took to twitter and posted the following ... 

@LadyGaga Announces New Multimedia Concept Album, "ArtPop"


@LadyGaga Announces First Dates of US/Canada Tour

@LadyGaga has announced the first concerts for her US/Canada stops on her 
"Born This Way Ball" Tour.
Ticket sale dates fothcoming.
Check LITTLEMONSTERS.COM for more info.

New Music: @BSLADE - "Love Is Kind"

@BSLADE just dropped a new song exclusively through his YouTube channel.
I've received word that this is NOT is part of his upcoming project,
"The Curious Voyage Of Victor St. Velure", but rather a NEW upcoming
album called "Deciduous". No word on the release date for either project.
I love this joint. It's very happy and I can definitely hear this being a part of his 
Keep it locked HERE on the 21st with a firsthand account!

Coming Soon: @BSLADE - "The Curious Voyage Of Victor St. Velure"

    This journey documents the life of a bohemian vagabond named Victor St. Velure. After a bad break up, his fashion empire crumbled in the fall of 1969 he decides to leave everything he’s ever had to search for the deeper meaning of life. He knew not of where he was going, but he had to go. A mystic street gypsy named Damodara tells him of a place called The Valley of the Blue Moon. A place where someone like himself will find redemption and purpose. However in order to get to it’s location in northern Tibet, it will take all of the money he has left to get there . Even what was left would not be enough to survive any amount of ample time with no job. So thus The Curious Voyage of Victor St.Velure begins. In this album you will experience his mountain tops and valleys …. even perhaps find some parallels to your own life.

@LupeFiasco Freestyles On @Hot97

WATCH: D'Angelo's "Made In Amerca Festival" Set!

@NickiMinaj Endorsing Mitt Romney For President?

Not sure if she's mocking that frame of thought or endorsing it.
SIGH. Whatever...

UPDATE (9/11/12) : Just as I suspected - she was kidding. Check her tweet HERE

This: The Real Mitt Romney

The fact that the creator was able to get all of this to be so funny and
RHYME ON BEAT??? Genius.


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"