"Dark Shadows" Trailer [Video]

I watched BOTH series as a kid. Tho original in reruns which used to scare the crap outta me and then the revival series in the ‘90’s as a kid. THIS looks interesting and hilarious. I can't wait.

New Music: Madonna - "I Fucked Up" [NSFW]

Wow... diggin' this one a lot.
"MDNA" drops 3.26.12

@DrFunkenberry Says: New Andy Allo CD Coming Soon! Listen Now To “People Pleaser”!

Andy Allo // Stock Photo
I saw Ms. Allo with Prince & The NPG this past year. Dope!
Well according to Doc, she's got a new album executive produced by Prince
coming this summer.
That FUNK on "People Pleaser", though...
They ain't ready - right, Doc?
@DrFunkenberry also says to make sure to follow @AndyAllo and @Prince_NPG
(and yes, it's pretty much confirmed as a real Twitter handle).
Click the good doctor's link below for more info.

On Second Thought: Peter Chao and "The Truth About Kony 2012" [NSFW]

While this guy is clearly doing a character, what he;s saying is ABSOLUTELY true.
Upon further research, while I completely agree Kony needs to be stopped, 
I do not agree with the full intentions of the Invisible Children movement.

Report: Rapper Craig Mack In A Cult

MTO reported today that "Flava In Ya Ear" rapper
Craig Mack has been living in a comopund in South Carolina
a man who calls himself the "Voice Of The Last Day Prophet Of God" and has coincidentally 
been charged with criminal sexual conduct in that compound but plead guilty to assault and battery.
Watch the video below of him and Craig Mack.
Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor:

New Music: @BSLADE - "2 Get 2" (hookah lounge mix)

From the forthcoming album, "Deep Purple",
dropping 5.16.2012
B.Slade™ - "2 Get 2" Cover Art" // Courtesy Civic Taylor & Suxxess Records

The Pee Prank [Video]

Prank's funny...
The TSA agents in the middle of an NYC street?
Not so much.

New Music: Robin Thicke - "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" (Tribute To Whitney Houston)

Absolutely beautiful rendition. 

New Music: Rahsaan Patterson - "Crazy*Juicy (Dub)"

Ok, THIS remix right HERE?
Damn, I miss NYC...

New Music: @JFuzion featuring @Kaoz612: "Standing" [NSFW]

From the forthcoming FREE J'Fuzion™ compilation mixtape "SubSurface".
Explicit lyrics. Parental discretion advised.
If you think THIS single was dope, wait until you hear
the final single before the mixtape drops... uh-oh.


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"