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Rick Santorum Almost Calls President Obama "Government N****r" [VIDEO]

Google Introduces Google Maps -Bit For NES

@BillMaher: George Zimmerman Is A "Big, Fat, F***ing Liar" [VIDEO [NSFW]

@Toure Vs. @PiersMorgan [Video]

"Dark Shadows" Trailer [Video]

@BSLADE Working With Keyshia Cole On Forthcoming Project

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks Goes IN About Trayvon Martin [Video]

New Visual: @KatyPerry - "Ninjas In Paris" (Live Jay-Z/Kanye "N****s In Paris" Cover)

New Music: Madonna - "I Fucked Up" [NSFW]

New Music: @KatyPerry featuring @PMurrayMusic - "Part Of Me (Part II: #SticksNStonez" (Remix)

Underground Jawn: Mary J Blige "Paradise" (featuring & produced by D'Angelo)

@DrFunkenberry Says: New Andy Allo CD Coming Soon! Listen Now To “People Pleaser”!

On Second Thought: Peter Chao and "The Truth About Kony 2012" [NSFW]

Report: Rapper Craig Mack In A Cult

New Music: @BSLADE - "2 Get 2" (hookah lounge mix)

The Pee Prank [Video]

New Music: Robin Thicke - "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" (Tribute To Whitney Houston)

New Music: Rahsaan Patterson - "Crazy*Juicy (Dub)"

New Music: @JFuzion featuring @Kaoz612: "Standing" [NSFW]

New Music: @RyanTose - "Hold On" (Dwele Cover)

Megan's Birthday Video

"Neil Young" (Jimmy Fallon) and Bruce Springsteen: "Sexy And I Know It" [Live]

"So, The Dalai Lama Walks Into A Pizza Shop..." [VIDEO]

Piers Morgan Interviews Kirk Cameron [Video Clip]

"Despicable Me 2" Teaser Trailer [Video]