Prince: "I Love U, But I Don't Trust You Anymore" (Live from Montreaux)

My song of the moment...
Absolutely Beautiful
Live from the Montreaux Jazz Festival

The ORIGINAL "This Is It" written by Michael Jackson & Paul Anka

So, when I first heard "This Is It", the melody and lyrics sounded very familiar.. and this is why:
Apparently, back in the early 90's Michael gave a song called "I Never Heard" to a Latin Freestyle/Dance Music singer named Sa-Fire for her album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday". "I Never Heard" was an outtake from the "Dangerous" album sessions.
Apparently, Paul Anka and Michael Jackson had a falling out, Mike kept the masters and reworked the track before giving it to Sa-Fire, only he kept the lyrics and melody, to which afterward Paul Anka sued. The version you hear now, from the original demo, now retitled "This Is It", had a title change for the movie, since he was actually going to record new material for the album.

Here's the original by Sa-Fire, "I Never Heard", followed by MJ's version, "This Is It".

Michael Jackson: "This Is It" (New Single)

From the forthcoming film, "This Is It". The soundtrack will be released October 27th, with the film in a limited release 2-week engagement starting on October 28th.

TON3X™ News Update

Word around the campfire is that "A Brilliant Catastrophe" has been pushed back until at least 1st Quarter 2010, so that TON3X™ can better concentrate on this forthcoming masterpiece, as well as give room for the onslaught of TON3X™ music coming on November 17th.

That's right, you read right - onslaught.
There will be 5 projects released on November 17th:

1) OAK PARK 921'06
(a different version of OakPark 921'05, for the first time on iTunes)

(The Original! For the first time released on iTunes in separated tracks)

3)Personal Jesus Remyxes
(For the real heads, this is an EP of remixes of the joint that brought TON3X™ to the national forefront)

4)Dancefloor Arsonist: The Janet Jackson Tribute Myxtape
(you've already heard "Got Til It's Gone" and "Rhythm N8ion 2040", y'all ain't ready for the full project)

5) CIRCU$$
(10 years in the vault, this project is FINALLY seeing the light of day, a project STILL ahead of its time)

So, there you have it... "ABC" is simmering while the other projects are bubbling and ready to be taken out of the oven.


EXCLUSIVE: District Connection: "Connected" (produced by J'Fuzion™)

District Connection is MattyB, Sean Israel, and Shamel Shiloh.

From the album, "Monumental"
District Connection
produced by J'Fuzion™
for Paradigm Music Entertainment/J'Fuzion, LLC

You can purchase the album by going  HERE

NEW TON3X™: "Rhythm Nation" & "Got Til It's Gone"

From the forthcoming project:
"Dancefloor Arsonist: The Janet Jackson Tribute Mixtape",
available everywhere on 11/17...

TON3X™ - "Rhythm Nation"

TON3X™ - "Got Til It's Gone"


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"