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Throwback of the Week: Martika - "Love..Thy will Be Done"

In Memorium: Dr. E.B. "Betty" Williams

   On December 28th,  evangelist and vocalist Dr. Betty Williams, mother of Grammy-nominated recording artist/actor/model TON3X, passed away.
    In rememberance, please listen to her album "Simply Because", which was produced by and featured TON3X. The album is available via all digital outlets courtesy of Nureau iNK, LLC.

Please keep the Williams family, Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego,  and the rest of Nureau iNK in your prayers.

"V" (2009) : "Pilot"

This "new" series which premeiered  a couple of months ago is sure to be a sleeper hit, at least. This TV show is a re-imagining of the original 198 mini-series and subsequent 1984 TV series on ABC. THe special effects are better, the cast and plot are better, and it seems as though the writing is better too. It's almost as if this show is being treated as long movie, and will be aired in sections. THe return of "V" will be in March of 2010. Here's the pilot eipsode. To watch theentire first 4 episodes, check  them out on HULU.


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"