New Music: @BSLADE, @FKAlways, @EricKupper and @NocGrooveRecs - "Get Over U (Director's Cut Mix)


New Music: "He Who Shall Not Be Named" - "I Wanna Be Your Lover (Geisha Twins Rework)"

619 needs to STAND the f*** UP for this one.
This is SO dope...

New Music: Chris Brown & Rihanna Reunite Musically For "Birthday Cake" & "Turn Up The Music" Remixes [NSFW]

For better or worse, here they are... the long-rumored Rihanna and Chris Brown musical reunions.
The first is a remix of her too-short track, "Birthday Cake".
The next is a remix of Chris' "Turn Up The Music"
While it's good to hear them on laser again and it's at least great publicity, the future of their collaborations remains to be seen...

Wendy Williams Speaks On The Passing Of Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

VERY powerful words. A poignant moment on Wendy's talk show.
And check out the infamous interview between Wendy and Whitney in 2003.
Whitney was HOOD. She was NOT playin'. (all 3 parts will play consecutively)

New Music: Jada Pinkett-Smith - "Burn"

This was released for Valentine's Day as a gift from Jada to Will, with this note included:

"With the major losses we have experienced in the last few weeks...
We should remember...
Our lives are worth living fully.


Our risks are worthy.
Our mistakes are worthy.
Our traumas are worthy as well.
The very paths we are told not to
tread are the paths that hold the
keys to our deepest understanding of
love for our lives and ourselves.

Self love is the gateway to truly loving

We were born to be loved and to love...

I love you.
Happy Valentine's Day.
This is for you.

J "

Twista Records Whitney Houston Tribute (produced by The Legendary Traxter)

Chicago rapper Twista has created a heartfelt tribute track in memory of Whitney Houston,
Check out the track below, produced by The Legendary Traxter.
Twista and Traxter even left 16 bars blank for people to add verses to the track.
Very nice.

New Music: @BSLADE - "KNOWING" (In Memory Of Whitney Houston)

@BSLADE has released his conceptual album"KNOWING" in memory of Whitney Houston.
This album was originally slated to be released on Christmas of 2011 before being pulled for logistical, confidential reasons, and the album "STEALTH" was released in its stead.
While the plans previous plans for "KNOWING" are still on track, @BSLADE has opted to release its companion album as a precursor, perhaps for a limited time.
Click below to listen and purchase, before it disappears....

RIP, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston// File Photo
One of the greatest female vocalist of our time,
legendary singer and actress Whitney Houston
died today, according to her publicist.
She was found in the bathtub of her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton,
just hours before she was to appear at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party.
No cause of death has been mentioned as of yet. She was only 48 years old.
I'm in complete shock, so I'll just say this:
Rest eternally, Miss Houston

New Visual: Jay-Z & Kayne West - "Ni**as In Paris" (NSFW)

Jay-Z & Kanye West have finally released the visual
for their massive hit, "Ni*as In Paris".
Check it out below.

New Music: @BSLADE - "The Children" (FREE DOWNLOAD)

@BSLADE has released a 2nd compilation album, this time
for free and dedicated to the LGBT community.
The title track is a new track that was released January 27th, 2012
and FINALLY being released is one of my favorites, "All I Need".
B.SLADE™: "The Children" Cover Art. Courtesy Civic Taylor & Suxxess™ Records.

Apocalyspe Now?: Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres

I am COMPLETELY in shock.
Kudos to Bill O'Reilly, for once in my life.
Now... excuse me as I wait for the flying locusts... I'm pretty sure they're next.

New Music: Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut Featuring @BSLADE: "Get Over U" (Sami Dee Edit)

I'd been hearing rumblings about this one for a LONG time.
The legendary DJ & House Music producer Frankie Knuckles (@FKAlways) reached out to @BSLADE and remixed his underground sleeper, "Get Over U" (from "A Brilliant Catastrophe (alpha DELUXE edition)" and it's FINALLY out to the public,
Frankie Knuckles presents Director's Cut featuring @BSLADE.
To be released in the UK on February 22nd.
You've been warned. It's only the beginning...

UPDATE (2/22/2012):

RIP, "Soul Train" Creator Don Cornelius

Don Cornelius: Stock Photo
This is a breaking news story I never thought I'd post. 
I'm in shock and heavy-hearted.
"Soul Train" creator and host Don Cornelius was found dead this morning,
the victim of a single self-infliccted gunshot wound to the head.
Mr. Cornelius was gravely ill in recent years.
He was 75.
Rest in peace, love and soul, Mr. Cornelius.


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"