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WATCH: Angie Fisher (@AngieSingss) - The Making Of "I.R.S." With @BSladeNow

NEW VISUAL: @JanelleMonae - "Electric Lady"

NEW MUSIC: @JessieJ feat. @ArianaGrande & @NickiMinaj - "Bang Bang"

MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK: @SixxJohn - "Moments"

NEW MUSIC: @Hopsin - "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7" [NSFW]

LISTEN: @PMurrayMusic - "A Capella (Something's Missing)" (@4EverBrandy Cover)

NEW VISUAL: @Mr_Camron feat. @NickiMinaj & @YummyB4U - "So Bad" [NSFW]

WATCH: @Hopsin - "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" [NSFW]

NEW MUSIC/VISUAL: "Weird" @AlYankovic - "Word Crimes" (@RobinThicke Parody)

NEW VISUAIL: @LyricJones (featuring DMT) - "Listen, C'mon"

NEW MUSIC: "Weird" @AlYankovic- "Tacky" (@Pharrell Parody)

NEW MUSIC: @RhemaK - "Broken Glass"

NEW MUSIC: Oun-P (@OunP1523) - "Gangsta" (prod. by Sloppy Joe Beats) [NSFW]

NEW MUSIC/VISUAL: Dani Wright & The Misters (@DaniAndMisters) - "Young America"

WATCH: Happy Independence Day [NSFW] [LOL]