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NEW MUSIC: @Eminem featuring @Rihanna - "The Monster"

MUSIC MONDAY: @RobertGlasper feat. @NorahJones - "Let It Ride"

Rock Legend Lou Reed Dies At Age 71

NEW MUSIC: @RhemaK - "Time"

WATCH: @DonnaSummer - "Love Is In Control" (Chromeo & Oliver Remix)

WATCH: @BSLADE Talks @FaithEvans, @ChakaKhan & More - [via @StudioQTV]

NEW MUSIC: @LadyGaga feat. @RKelly - "Do What U Want" [NSFW]

MUSIC MONDAY: Lorde - "Royals"

NEW VISUAL: @BeeZeeUK feat. @BSLADE - "#HONEY [Music Video]

WATCH: @BSLADE & @FaithEvans??? [Video]

WATCH: @BSLADE - "26 FOREVER (and a day)" Choreo Brainstorm

Watch: @MileyCyrus, @JimmyFallon, & @TheRoots - "We Can't Stop" (Acapella)

WATCH: @BSLADE - "I Get Lonely" (Live From #EUS8)

WATCH: Coffee Shop Surprise [Video]

New Music: @EddyJFree - "Phoenix Burn: The Death & Rebirth Of Eddy J. Free"

WATCH: @JoelOsteen On "Late Night With @JimmyFallon"

New Visual @SamanthaJLive - "Tight Skirt"

New Visual @BritneySpears - "Work B**ch!"