WATCH: @DonnaSummer - "Love Is In Control" (Chromeo & Oliver Remix)

I've always been a Donna Summer fan.
I remember sitting in my room as a child playing old 12" vinyl of Donna's Casablanca Records days,
like the full version of "No More Tears" that had no b-side. Completely blank on the other side.
This remix album that was released, "Love To Love You, Donna" is a worthy tribute to some of her greatest work, with some of my favorite producers remixing classics like "Last Dance" (Masters At Work), "I Feel Love" (Afrojack), and the leading track and album's centerpiece,  a STUNNING reinterpretation of "Love To Love You Baby" by the song's original producer, the legendary Giorgio Moroder (who also produced the previously-unreleased "La Dolce Vita"), turning the classic sexy track into a slow EDM groove with Scarface-soundtrack-worthy keys. 
The one I keep playing over and over again, is this REALLY fun remix of "Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)", which turns the late-disco classic into an 80's explosion of a Nu-Dance , complete with lush synths and drum programming and a DOPE vocoder line.
I'm a sucker for a really good dance remix and the accompanying video (above), that was remixed for the album's promotion just makes me miss Donna that much more.
Please cop that remix album, available via all digital outlets everywhere.
We miss you, Aunt Oona from Altoona.


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