NEW MUSIC: Dani' Wright & The Misters (@DaniAndMisters) - "Christmas Night"

One of my favorite group of voices, Dani' Wright & The Misters, 
have released their Christmas jam, "Christmas Night".
I've been waiting for this joint to drop.
 .parw a s'ti ... .A.L ot teg I nehw ...nilknarF ,yaw eht yB

WATCH: James Franco & Seth Rogan: "Bound 3" (@KanyeWest Parody)


NEW MUSIC: Kotic Couture (@MisterCouture) - "King"

So... Kotic Couture just linked me this DOPE mixtape, aimed squarely at hip-hop audiences.
You might remember him as a guest artist on "Tipsy" from B.Slade's "Stunt B___h" album.
THIS mixtape ("Uncrowned King"), though, and the song "King", especially, shows his lyrical versatility 
and how he might be one of the most slept on indie rappers in the game.
Make sure you cop the mixtape (it's FREE.99) and tell a friend.

NEW VISUAL: @KanyeWest - "Bound 2" UNCENSORED feat. @KimKardashian [Music Video] {NSFW]

I really LIKE this video. Really nice visuals and colors.
Not for nothin', but, Kanye IS a genius.... and Kim Kardashian is gorgeous.
That new hair color really works for her, in my opinion. 

WATCH: Idris Elba in "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom" [TRAILER]

I am definitely going to see this. Idris Elba is one of my favorite actors, 
and he looks like he is going to do an amazing job.
The movie drops November, 29th 2013.

WATCH: Walter Kendrick (@TheSmoke4Real) - "Bad Bit**es" [NSFW]


NEW VISUAL: @Rihanna - "What Now"

This is my absolute favorite song on Ri-Ri's "Unapologetic" album which was released November of 2012.
I believe this is the longest she's actually promoted an album before another was released.
Usually her albums (like a lot of artists nowadays) drop once a year.
I'm glad "What Now" was released as a single and that a video was filmed for it.
I like it. A lot.

Eminem Has 10 Songs On Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart

Hmmmm... Ashton and Mila as Wonder Twins? [Photo]

So, this was posted on a Tumblr entry yesterday (here's the link)
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as Wonder Twins, one of my favorite cult classic cartoons?
We shall see... 

NEW MUSIC: @BustaRhymes & @QTipTheAbstract - "Thank You" [NSFW]

2 of my favorite rappers on the planet, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip have joined forces on this track, featuring Kanye West & Lil Wayne and sampling the classic "I Wanna Thank You" by Alicia Meyers.
I have been WAITING for these 2 to destroy another track.
Shoutout to YMCMB.

LISTEN: Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial) - "Run To You"

 So, when I copped Pentatonix's new album "PTX Volume 2" ... 
I was lost in all their harmony, as usual, but THIS song? 
Cop the album, digitally available on iTunes, etc.

NEW VISUAL: @SixxJohn - "Bars Over Everything" [Music Video]

Man... I'm SO glad a video was filmed for this.
"Bars Over Everything", Sixx John's remix of Drake & Jay Z's "Pound Cake"
was released last month, and now we have the visual.
Shoutout to Sixx John.

David Hasselhoff Sings "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Theme

This. Is. EPIC.

WATCH: @JessieJ - "I Knew You Were Trouble" [@TaylorSwift13 Cover]

Absolutely stunning. One of my favorite female vocalists. Period.
For good measure, here's here amazing cover of Rihanna's "We Found Love".

Buy Sheila E's (@SheilaEDrummer) "ICON" featuring @BSLADE On Vinyl!

The vinyl import  (a/k/a Deluxe Edition) of Sheila E's album "ICON"
features bonus tracks, the last of which, "FIESTA",
is a collaboration with B.Slade!
The album also features M.C. Lyte, The E Family, and Prince and
 is set to be released on November 11th in Europe.
No word yet on US release dates.
Here's the tracklisting:

1. Butterlfy
2. Mona Lisa
3. Lovely Day
4. I'll Give You That

5. Rockstar
6. Samba
7. Nasty Thang
8. Leader Of The Band
9. Turn It Around

1. Girl Like Me  
2. Who I Am Now  
3. Old Skool  
4. Now Is The Hour  

5. Waters Of Life (Bonus Track)  
6. Surrender (Bonus Track)  
7. Fiesta (Bonus Track)


WATCH: "The Lego Movie" Trailer!


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"