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New Music: Cocaine 80s - "Higher Self"

Yoko Ono Covers Katy Perry's "Firework" [Video]

New Music: @JoJoIsTheWay - "White Girl In Paris" (Joni Mitchell "Free Man In Paris" Cover)

WATCH: @Muse - "Madness"

New Music: @4EverBrandy - "How High"

Now Available: @BSLADE - "Vocal Sensei: Volume 1"

The Arsenio Hall Show Returns September 9, 2013 [Video]

New Music: David 2.0 (@DeuceDot) feat. Omega Mythologist (@Omega35R) - "Time On Our Hands"

New Visual: @LLCoolJ Featuring @JoeThomas563 - "Take It" [Music Video]

New Music: McCartney. Grohl. Novoselic. Smear. - "Cut Me Some Slack" [Live]

New Music: @TheRealShelbyJ featuring @HamiltonAnthony- "North Carolina" [prod. by Prince]

New Music: @BSLADE - "The Biggest Moment"

New Music: Mystikal (@ItsMystikal) - "Hit Me" [NSFW]

@BSLADE Press Release - 2012 OUTMUSIC Awards

New Visual: @BSLADE Destroys NYC's XL Nightclub [Video Highlights]

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Sing Country [Video]

@JimmyFallon, @MariahCarey, and @TheRoots: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" [Video]

Katt Williams (@KattPackAllDay) Announces Stand-Up Retirement [Video]

@Tyga Pre-Fame On "Bustas", An Unaired MTV Game Show [Video]

Watch : B.Slade shines live in NYC

Happy Holidays! [Audio]

GloZell's Hot Pepper Challenge [Video]

New Visual: @50Cent featuring @Eminem and @AdamLevine - "My Life"

New Visual @Macklemore & @MaryLambertSing - "Same Love" [Live on "Sway In The Morning"]

New Visual: @Colleenb123 & @JoshuaDtown Lip-Sync To @KEM_Intimacy & @Ledisi's "Be Mine For Christmas"

Angus T. Jones of "Two And A Half Men" Bashes His Show From His Trailer [Video]

@BoyzIIMen Speak On The Music Industry

Masters: Jimmy Jam & Terry Leis Studio Footage [Video]

New Music: @KendrickLamar featuring @LadyGaga - "B**ch, Don't Kill My Vibe" [Demo Version]

New Visual: Interview With @NickiMinaj at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

New Visual: Prince - "Rock & Roll Love Affair" [Music Video]

New Visual: @PaulaAbdul - "The Dream Medley"

@BSLADE's "A Brilliant Catastrophe" Double-Album FREE For A Limited Time

New Music: @EddyJFree Featuring @TimDillinger - "Catch One"

@AndyAllo's "Superconductor" Now Available!

New Music: Durand Bernarr (@alcoholharmony) - "Clique" (Rickey D.B. Remix) [@KanyeWest Cover]

New Music: @JoJoIsTheWay - "We Get By"

New Visual: @MiguelUnlimited - "The Thrill" [Live Studio Performance]

New Music: @Rihanna featuring @ChrisBrown - "Nobody's Business"

@BSLADE Coming To NYC December 2nd, 2012

New Visual: @BSLADE "Sex, Drugs & Sushi Tour: Chicago" Footage

New Visual: District Connection - "ALL RISE"

New Music: @OfficialON3 - "Y-H-W-H" (featuring @iHilBot)

Listen: Rodrigo y Gabriela (@rodgab) - "Hanuman"

The Harsh Truth: Why MTV Doesn't Play Music Videos Anymore

New Music: @LaChardon - "Slower" (@4EverBrandy Cover)

New Visual: Michael Jackson - "Bad 25" Documentary Trailer [Video]

New Visual: @AndyAllo - "People Pleaser" [Music Video]

Will Ferrel Will Do Anything To Get You To VOTE! [Video]

New Music: @LLCoolJ featuring @JoeThomas563 - "Take It"

New Visual: @IceCube - "Everything's Corrupt" [NSFW]

New Music: @BSLADE - "Sandy"

New Visual: Anthony Hopkins As "Hitchcock" [Trailer]

New Visual: @BSLADE - "Sandy" [Live Video]

New Music: @BSLADE - "Live At WitZend"

R.I.P., Natina Reed (@TheRealNatina) of Blaque

@ShaniceOnline and @BSLADE: Last Night of 2-Night Shows TONIGHT

Watch: Meat Loaf Attempts To Sing "America The Beautiful"

New Music: @BSLADE - "Contradiction"

Watch: @MiguelUnlimited Interview With @Raheem_DeVaughn

New Visual: Prince Live On Jimmy Kimmel - "Rock & Roll Love Affair"

New Music: @PRINCESSDENISIA - "M.i.X'd Up (In My Ex)"

New Music: Angel Haze (@NativeRaeen) - "Cleaning Out My Closet" [NSFW]

New Visual: @ToriKelly - "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" (Michael Jackson Acoustic Cover)

@AndyAllo Announces Release Date For "Superconductor"

New Music: RockSpel TransIVmer (@FranklinIVSong) - "Someone To Love"

SNL's Stefon Gives His Guide To Halloween [Video]

LISTEN: @AlcoholHarmony & @DameTheDrummer (D'Phuzion Avenue) - "Cherish The Day" (Sade Cover)

New Visual - @MiguelUnlimited - "The Thrill"

THIS. [Video]

New Music: @BSLADE - "Disco Humanity" (@JFuzion's Purification Myx)

World Premiere! New Music: @BSLADE - "Milipede"

New Music - Lloyd featuring Wale - "All Of Me" [NSFW]

New Music: @MaryLambertSing - "Same Love" (Solo Acoustic Performance)

New Visual: @BSLADE - "Lo Siento" (Directed By @LoganPhotos)

New Visual: @JustinBieber Featuring @NickiMinaj - "Beauty And A Beat"

New Music: @BSLADE - "Live At WitZend" Drops 10.30.2012

New Visual: - @Pink - "Try"


New Music: @TimDillinger - "The Baton"

New Visual: @Nas Featuring Amy Winehouse - "Cherry Wine"

Nicole Scherzinger Admits To Singing "95%" Of Pussycat Dolls Vocals

New Music: @LLCoolJ - "Ratchet" [NSFW]

New Music: @BSLADE - "Deep & Slow Mixtape"

New Visual: @Macklemore & @RyanLewis - "Same Love" (featuring @MaryLambertSing)

Nicki Vs. Mariah On "American Idol" [Video]

Musicians, Take Note: The NEW MySpace Is Coming [Video]

New Music: @LadyGaga - "Cake/Trap"

New Visual: @AndyAllo - "People Pleaser" Live On Fox News Chicago

Samuel L. Jackson Tells Voters To "Wake The F**k Up" [Video] [NSFW]

New Music: @Rihanna - "Diamonds"

Voter Fraud Caught On Tape In Colorado! [Video]

Lil' Wayne (@LilTunechi)'s HILARIOUS Deposition [Video]

Listen: @MiguelUnlimited - "The Thrill"

@BSLADE Live At @WitzEndLive - ONE SHOW LEFT! Get Your Tix NOW!!!

Coming Soon: @DarrylStephens, @OlanaHimmel, @WonderTwinMedia - "Something Like A Butterfly"

New Music: @TheRealLEvans - "One Of Us" [Joan Osborne Cover]

New Visual: @Macklemore & @RyanLewis - "Thrift Shop" (Featuring Wanz)

Pre-Order The Deluxe Version Of @Macklemore & @RyanLewis' "The Heist" NOW!

New Music: @Macklemore & @RyanLewis - Same Love Feat. @MaryLambertSing

New Visual: Randy Newman - "I'm Dreaming"

@MissyElliott and @Timbaland Interview on Power 105 NYC [Video]

This Is Why I Love Rachel Maddow [Video]

Mitt Romney's Freudian Slip? [Video] [LOL]

New Music: @MissyElliott And @Timbaland - "Triple Threat" & "9th Inning"

DJ BrainChild: Black Doll (The Janet Jackson Mix)

@AliciaKeys Pays Homage To Jean-Michel Basquiat In New Lyric Video

New Visual: @Frank_Ocean Featuring John Mayer - "Pyramids" [NSFW]

What Mitt Romney REALLY Thinks Of President Obama [Video]

New Music: Prince - "Rock & Roll Love Affair"

New Music: Oun-P (@OunP1523) "BX" [NSFW]

THIS: Tom Hanks Speaks On Michael Clarke Duncan

New Music: @Enxo - "RISE"

Happy Sunday!

New Visual: @FlyingLotus - "Until The Quiet Comes" feat. @FatBellyBella & @Nikalotta

New Music: @ColinMunroe - "Unsung Hero" [Mixtape]

THIS: Bill Clinton's DNC 2012 Speech

@LupeFiasco Retires on Twitter; Says Next Album Will Be Final Release

@LadyGaga Announces New Multimedia Concept Album, "ArtPop"

@LadyGaga Announces First Dates of US/Canada Tour

New Music: @BSLADE - "Love Is Kind"

Coming Soon: @BSLADE - "The Curious Voyage Of Victor St. Velure"

@LupeFiasco Freestyles On @Hot97

WATCH: D'Angelo's "Made In Amerca Festival" Set!

@NickiMinaj Endorsing Mitt Romney For President?

New Music: @AlcoholHarmony - "Don't Judge Me" ( @ChrisBrown Cover )

Do What Uncle George Says [VIDEO]

This: The Real Mitt Romney