Angus T. Jones of "Two And A Half Men" Bashes His Show From His Trailer [Video]

I'm sorry, but... I had to go in on this a little.
Those of you who follow me on Twitter  know exactly what I think
about this.
I appreciate Angus standing up for his beliefs,
but I can't understand how you can say DON'T watch "filth" that you're
actively a part of. This is not about "religion" or Christianity, per se,
but it's really about another person having a crisis of faith due to
most likely some sort of religious intervention.
Which, again, is fine.
But again, don't bite the hand that feeds you, that allowed you to live this 
life of financial blessing and have some sort of double standard  because you feel GUILTY (or have allowed someone to make you feel guilty) into somehow feeling you screwed up your life.
Honestly, whether you like it or not, there are PLENTY of people who would LOVE to make your kind of money and not piss it away on drugs or unnecessary purchases and then play the blame game
on some BS moral compass while sitting in your Warner Bros. lot trailer..
Whatever, dude. 
Filming of this season started in August and you tongued down Miley Cyrus  in the first few episodes.
At least Kirk Cameron had the testicular fortitude to say that he wanted to either 
follow his religious beliefs or walk away.
I'm SO sick of people like this.
And SERIOUSLY... making a video about how not to watch your show...
How sanctimonious and ungrateful is THAT?
As for Forerunner? I followed him before and...yeah..
All I know is there was a time where I thought like that.
There was a time I allowed people to try and scare me into believing some ridiculous video from some homeless guy who lost it all because he went apeshit on internet conspiracy theories. There was a time where I didn't know that I was being used as a pawn for someone's self-righteous religious psycho-babble that on its surface is compelling, but at its core makes no sense and is a LOT more dangerous than helpful.
Angus, if it works for you, fine. As a believer, I respect that .... but either quit your job and become an evangelist, go on TBN or Daystar and talk about how Jesus saved you from your unrighteousness, or just shut up and do your job and relax in your trailer while collecting your $350,000 per episode  (and a net worth of $15 million)  from what's amounting to, on average, a few minutes of screen time in an episode, if that much, this season.
You can't do both.

UPDATE: 11/27/2012
Surprise, surprise... HE APOLOGIZED


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