EXCLUSIVE: @BSLADE: "Make Me Over" (iPhone Acapella)

As a request from Lil' Mo (@TheLilMoShow), @BSLADE™ recorded an acapella version of "Make Me Over", from the Tonéx era classic album, "Out The Box". This was on the spot and live in the studio, sung into his iPhone.... For those who talk, LISTEN:

Katy Perry & Elmo Clip Banned on Sesame Street? [VIDEO]

Apparently, this video was enough to have more than a few parents making complaints and having it subsequently banned from the air. The issue at hand is her breasts and cleavage, which was actually covered by flesh-colored mesh all the way up to her neck. Check the video out. I can see why some people MAY have an issue... but it's not THAT bad, I think...


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"