Sneak Peek Music Review: @BSLADE™: "Mantra Of Zenlake"

On the upcoming album/mixtape "A Brilliant Catastrophe" by @BSLADE, is a spoken word piece entitled "Mantra Of Zenlake". Set along the backdrop of a soulful loop of snappy drums, a beautiful Zen-like chord progression playing on a Rhodes, and a simple bass line, this particular piece sounds as if @BSLADE™ walked into The Nuyorican Poets Cafe or Def Poetry (or even Lyricist Lounge),  and just spoke. Whereas previous incarnations and experiences would have brought upon "The Naked Truth", this piece is @BSLADE at his most contemplative, almost the antithesis of "TNT". Yes, there are quite a few zingers in this 10-minute incense burner, but it's also as if @BSLADE has touched on nearly everything that needed to be touched on as of late. He speaks at a calm, but also rapid-fire pace, slowing down when he needs to, deliberately drawing out the pronunciation of certain words for dramatic and poetic effect. Even the vocal delivery of the spoken word evokes the image of @BSLADE sitting in a Lotus pose in front of the mic. The chorus is sung in a beautiful mantra-style harmony that just only repeats the title of the song. Nothing over the top because it's very important to listen to the words. Touching on the state of the church as of late, as well as speaking on personal experiences as well as even touching on freedom as a whole. This covers A LOT of ground in just over 10 minutes. Choice stanzas:

"If you don't understand what happened/you won't understand what's happening"

"Great lack creates great creations"

"They took our money and we still died of cancer/they took our money and we still didn't get an answer"

This is a VERY deep track. and will probably be quite a conversation piece, as will the entire project.


for now, you can cop the first single from the mixtape, "Going Away", at the same site 



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