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There Seems To Be An Absence of a Certain Ornithological Piece

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ONN: Judge Orders White Girl To Be Tried As Black Adult Male

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New Single from @BSLADE™: "Kaliedescope"

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley: Only Christians Are My Family [AP Report]

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Regis Philbin Announces He's Leaving "Live!" [Video]

Pee-Wee Herman and Andy Sandburg Party Grown-Up Style (SNL DigitalSHORT)

A Heterosexual Jewish Rebbe's View on the (Supposedly) Homosexual Texts in the Hebrew Bible

@BSLADE Gets "Interviewed" On Cleveland Radio.

William Shatner on Lopez Tonight: "F***k You" [NSFW]

Kanye West: "Monster" Muppet Remix Video (Explicit) [LOL] [NSFW]

Josh Groban Sings Kanye West's Tweets [Video] [LOL]

MeShell NdegeOcello: "DM" (Live In Seattle) [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga: "Born This Way" Photo Leaks [NSFW]


Coming soon: B. SLADE™ : "Stereotype"