ONN: Judge Orders White Girl To Be Tried As Black Adult Male

NOTICE: Before I get a ton of ridiculous comments that miss the entire point of this 
"news story", let me first say something.
ONN is a fictional News Show, from the makers of "The Onion Newspaper", a parody newspaper.
"ONN" is a more absurd "Daily Show", or even better, "Colbert Report", inasmuch as it skewers networks like Fox News with its satirical fictionalized news items and over the top commentary from its "newscasters", one of which is an actress who was an ACTUAL Fox News correspondent, which makes it all the more funny in its satire.
As absurd as this particular story is  (as all are from "ONN", which is why I find it so funny), this was not only posted online but also aired on television on the IFC Network "Onion Network News (ONN) "TV Show. This particular story is so uncomfortably true in its fiction and absurdity, that it shows just how skewed our judicial system can be, and how, with a little common sense and real justice, hopefully, it can be turned around


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