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"Honey" by @BeezeeUK (feat. & produced by @BSLADE) hits 1,000,000 plays on @YouTube!!!

@BSLADE Releases "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" and re-releases "ABC"

NEW MUSIC: @BSLADE Releases Previously Shelved Album, "My September Issue"

WATCH: @TheRealHavoc of @MobbDeep Releases "The Infamous Producer Kit"

New Music: @SixxJohn - "I'm Fallin'" (feat. and produced by Kip Blackshire (@KBlackvoice)

NEW MUSIC: @BSLADE - "Cardigan" [Music Video]

WATCH: Carlos Andres Gomez - "How To Fight"

NEW MUSIC: Durand Bernarr (@AlcoholHarmony) - "Anxiety"

@Beyonce Secretly Drops New Self-Titled Album, Exclusively On iTunes

New Music: @TalibKweli featuring @Raekwon - "VIOLATIONS" [NSFW]

New Music: @QTipTheAbstract and @BustaRhymes - "The Abstract And The Dragon" [Mixtape)

New Visual: A$AP Mob feat. @ASVPNVST and @MethodMan - "Trillmatic"

NEW MUSIC: Justin Timberlake - "TKO (Remix)" [feat. J.Cole, A$AP Rocky & Pusha T]

LISTEN: @AlexaRayJoel - "Just The Way You Are" (Billy Joel Cover)

WATCH: @WakaFlockaBSM Shows You How To Carve a Turkey

NEW VISUAL: @Eminem - "Rap God" [Music Video] [NSFW]

WATCH: @BSLADE @XENLounge Promo feat. @TishaCampblMrtn & @DUANEMARTIN_

WATCH: Esperanza Spalding (@EspeSpalding) - "We Are America"

NEW MUSIC: Dani' Wright & The Misters (@DaniAndMisters) - "Christmas Night"

WATCH: James Franco & Seth Rogan: "Bound 3" (@KanyeWest Parody)

WATCH: Destiny Rambo-McGuire (@DestinyRambeaux) - "Journal Of A Songstress"

Join The Weightless Project [Video]

NEW MUSIC: Kotic Couture (@MisterCouture) - "King"

Catch @BSLADE At @XENLOUNGE Wednesdays Starting 11.27.2013!

NEW VISUAL: @KanyeWest - "Bound 2" UNCENSORED feat. @KimKardashian [Music Video] {NSFW]

WATCH: Idris Elba in "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom" [TRAILER]

NEW MUSIC: Prince (@3RDEyeGirl) - "Da Bourgeoisie"

Ladies & Gentlemen: @CompanyFreak

Bill Burr On Yoko Ono [Comedy ]NSFW]

WATCH: Walter Kendrick (@TheSmoke4Real) - "Bad Bit**es" [NSFW]

NEW VISUAL: @Rihanna - "What Now"

Eminem Has 10 Songs On Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart

Hmmmm... Ashton and Mila as Wonder Twins? [Photo]

WATCH: The Truth About Passion Vs. Career

WATCH: Teacher Kicks Student Out During Experiment On Racism

NEW VISUAL: @AlcoholHarmony - "Wu-Tang Forever/Hasta Luego"

Listen: Culture Club: "Shirley Temple Moment" (The Making Of "Victims") [NSFW]

Catch @BSLADE Live at H.O.M.E. in Beverly Hills This Sunday!

NEW MUSIC: @BigAlCherry & @ClaudeDeuce - "Watch Me Work"

NEW MUSIC: @LianneLaHavas - "Twice" (@LittleDragon Cover) [LIVE]

NEW MUSIC: @BustaRhymes & @QTipTheAbstract - "Thank You" [NSFW]

LISTEN: Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial) - "Run To You"

NEW MUSIC: Michelle Williams & Fantasia "If We Had Your Eyes" Remix! (@RealMichelleW, @TasiasWorld)

NEW VISUAL: @SixxJohn - "Bars Over Everything" [Music Video]

David Hasselhoff Sings "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Theme

WATCH: @JessieJ - "I Knew You Were Trouble" [@TaylorSwift13 Cover]

Buy Sheila E's (@SheilaEDrummer) "ICON" featuring @BSLADE On Vinyl!

WATCH: "The Lego Movie" Trailer!

NEW MUSIC: @Eminem featuring @Rihanna - "The Monster"

MUSIC MONDAY: @RobertGlasper feat. @NorahJones - "Let It Ride"

Rock Legend Lou Reed Dies At Age 71

NEW MUSIC: @RhemaK - "Time"

WATCH: @DonnaSummer - "Love Is In Control" (Chromeo & Oliver Remix)

WATCH: @BSLADE Talks @FaithEvans, @ChakaKhan & More - [via @StudioQTV]

NEW MUSIC: @LadyGaga feat. @RKelly - "Do What U Want" [NSFW]

MUSIC MONDAY: Lorde - "Royals"

NEW VISUAL: @BeeZeeUK feat. @BSLADE - "#HONEY [Music Video]

WATCH: @BSLADE & @FaithEvans??? [Video]

WATCH: @BSLADE - "26 FOREVER (and a day)" Choreo Brainstorm

Watch: @MileyCyrus, @JimmyFallon, & @TheRoots - "We Can't Stop" (Acapella)

WATCH: @BSLADE - "I Get Lonely" (Live From #EUS8)

WATCH: Coffee Shop Surprise [Video]

New Music: @EddyJFree - "Phoenix Burn: The Death & Rebirth Of Eddy J. Free"

WATCH: @JoelOsteen On "Late Night With @JimmyFallon"

New Visual @SamanthaJLive - "Tight Skirt"

New Visual @BritneySpears - "Work B**ch!"

NEW MUSIC: @SixxJohn - "Bars Over Everything" ("Pound Cake" Remix)

WATCH: No Excuses [Motivational]

NEW VISUAL: A.S.A.P. Rocky (@ASVPRocky) - "Fashion Killa" (feat. @Rhianna)

New Music: Candice Boyd (@imcandice) - "Without Me" (Fantasia Acapella Cover)

New Music: @RhemaK - "Fill Me Up"

WATCH: @AnthonyClarkWil Sings "Speak To My Heart" In Las Vegas

EXCLUSIVE: @AnthonyClarkWil Rehearsal Footage!

WATCH: @JimmyKimmel Reveals Twerking Fail Video Was A Hoax!

WATCH: YLvis - "The Fox" [Music Video] [LOL]

THROWBACK: "He Is" (Sermon: 2010 )

LISTEN: @JanelleMonae - "The Electric Lady" (Album Stream)

New Music: @AnthonyClarkWil - "#QUENCH" (feat. @A1BOLD) (via @TheGospelGuru)

New Music: @JFuzion feat. @A1Bold - "Sneak Attack" [NSFW]

NEW MUSIC: @Enxo - "Move Yourself" (prod. by @BSLADE)

WATCH: @AlunaGeorge - "You Know You Like It"

New Visual: @DALEYmusic- "Broken"

@TheGospelGuru: Tonéx Is Back!!! [LINK]

WATCH: @AmandaSeales - "Neon" (feat. @JohnnyPolygon)

New Music: @Eminem - "Berzerk" [NSFW]

NEW MUSIC: The @Robert Glasper Experiment - "Calls" (feat. @MissJillScott)

WATCH: @BSLADE & @TyeTribbett @ Ebenezer AME Church

New Visual: O'Donis (@ColbyODonis) - "LEAN" [NSFW]

NEW MUSIC: @BadRabbits feat. @TeddyRiley & Clinton Sparks - "Dance With You"

@BSLADE Pulls Album Release, Releases Statement

Oun-P (@OunP1523) Freestyle & Interview With @HipHopSince1987

New Music: Remy Shand (@RemingtonShand) - "WhereAreWeGoing?" (@iamwill) On Making Money In The Music Industry

New Music @Eminem - "Survival" (featuring @SkylarGrey)

NEW MUSIC: Prince - "Groovy Potential"

@BSLADE Releases Tracklisting For "My September Issue"

NEW MUSIC: @BigSean featuring @JayElectronica and @KendrickLamar- "Control" [NSFW]

Coming 10.28.2013

LIfe Through Another's Eyes [Video]

NEW MUSIC: @TimDillinger feat. @BSLADE - "Say Thank You" (@JFuzion's R&B Myx)


Music Pick Of The Week: Genesis - "Jesus He Knows Me" [Music Video]

NEW MUSIC: @OheneSavant - "Love Will Prevail" (Tribute To Trayvon Martin)

NEW VISUAL: Fiona Apple - "Hot Knife"

NEW MUSIC: Ray Curenton (@MiddleNameRay) - "Hostile Cordiality"

WATCH: @LakeStreetDive Sings "I Want You Back" [Video]

Street Fighter II (Church Edition)

Watch: Darlene McCoy - "Take Me To Burger King"

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