NEW MUSIC: @TimDillinger feat. @BSLADE - "Say Thank You" (@JFuzion's R&B Myx)

I had a LOT of fun remixing this track. When I heard the original, I was struck by the lush chords and production from B. Slade, as well as the lyrics and vocal delivery from Tim Dillinger. 
Sidenote: the whole "The Baton: 1985" album is amazing, by the way.
When I first got the opportunity to remix this track, 
I started thinking "Jam & Lewis/S.O.S. Band/Change". That kind of vibe.
I hope you all enjoy it.
Thank you to Tim Dillinger & B. Slade™ for the opportunity.

Remyx Production & Keys/Drum Programming by J'Fuzion™Original version appears on the album, "The Baton : 1985"…1985/id663090440
Lyrics by Tim Dillinger 
Album Version Music by B. Slade & B. Cummings
Album Version produced by B. Slade™
©Suxxess Records. All Rights Reserved.



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