New Visual: @SixxJohn feat. Dani Wright (@ItsDani) - "What It Iz"

Directed by Sincere Maya.
GREAT job, everyone.
I've always dug Sixx's flow and production and Dani's vox.
And why am I JUST learning that he was on the 
I played that game like crazy last year.

New Visual: @JessieJ - "Wild" (feat. @BigSean & @DizzeeRascal)

I'm diggin' it a lot!
Jessie's voice over a club track, and Dizzee's flow on this track are both SICK.
Now... about her upcoming collabo with B.Slade .... 

WATCH: @ColleenB123: "If Humans Acted Like Dogs"

Colleen Ballinger, creator of "Miranda Sings", just made fall out of my chair.
Just watch. Maybe it's just me, but this was HILARIOUS.

New Music: @EddyJFree - "Collab"

Finally! A new album from producer Eddy J Free.
With collaborations with B.Slade™, A1 Bold, Verbal Science, Loco Ninja,
Kaoz, Tim Dillinger, and more, this is a great album all the way around.
Very proud of you, homie!
Music's in your eeeeaaaaarrrrr......

Music Pick Of The Week: @RealLindaPerry - "Letter To God" (Live)

One of the most heart-wrenching songs I have ever heard, I came across this performance
while flipping through the channels last year.
I was always "meh" about Hole's version. I liked it, but never really loved it, but THIS version, sung by its writer, the legendary Linda Perry (one of my favorite songwriters), 
had me an absolute mess by the time I finished watching.
We've all felt this (at least I definitely know I have) and there is such haunting vulnerability and beauty in this
performance that it forces me to dig deeper as a songwriter and producer... 
and THAT, to me, is its own reward. 
Thank you, Linda, for such amazing music. 

New Music: Li'Aiesha Bernice (@niceey) - "Handle" ( written & prod. by @RhemaK)

New music from Li'Aiesha Bernice,
 "Handle", written & produced by Rhema K.
I REALLY like this one. I love the chord progression,
the lyrics and melody, and of course the vocal arrangement!
Take a listen after the jump...

@BSLADE Wait... What???

THIS will be taken down.
I guess I should be flattered...

Ummmmm..... NO.

New Vidual @KanyeWest - "New Slaves" [NSFW]

Kanye West projected his new visual for what's reposrtedly a new single
from his upcoming album.
Projected on buildings in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Sydney, Berlin and Paris  and the locations were provided on a map located on his official website, KANYEWEST.COM.
I'm REALLY diggin' the lyrics and the straightforward, no glamour approach of the visual.
Yeezy is scheduled to be the musical guest on SNL tonight.
I, for one, am amped to see his performance.
Thoughts? Post below.
Shoutout to MISSINFO.TV for providing the visual on the video above,
which was projected in Brooklyn.

Happy Birthday, @BSLADE: [The Flavor Myx)

2-hour set myxed and recorded by J'Fuzion™ from 10pm 5/15/- midnight 5/16/2013
Happy Birthday, Big Brother!
For the space cadets, party with me by listening to The Flavor Myx below.

New Music: @KellyRowland - "Dirty Laundry" [NSFW]

From the forthcoming album, "Talk A Good Game", out June 18, 2013.
Very personal and frank lyrics, a slow dragging groove. I LOVE it.
Can't wait for the album.

Music Pick Of The Week: @PJMorton - "New Orleans"

Singer/songwriter and stand-in Maroon 5 keyboardist PJ Morton 
has finally released his major-label debut, "New Orleans" on 
Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records/Universal Republic.
I have been waiting for this album for a MINUTE and  I must say that
 it's a thoroughly solid R&B album.
My favorites thus far are the official first single "Only One" (featuring Stevie Wonder) [video HERE], 
and "Never Get Over You" (featuring label-mate Busta Rhymes)...
 and that reggae-soaked  "Love You More" joint  featuring Tweet (available on the Deluxe Version)?
And since I love old-school funk, I gotta pick "First Sight".
See what I mean?
This whole album has been a non-skip album for me since it was released yesterday.
You can cop the album now on iTunes™ by clicking on the pic above.

New Music: @MarcAnthony - "Vivir Mi Vida"

This man is one of the best salsa singers to ever do it. Period.
It's about time he came out with some new salsa, ESPECIALLY since it's produced
by his old collaborator, Sergio George.
Marc's new album drops in July.

New Music: @CharlesEmanuel_ - "Invincible (J'Fuzion's™ Asphalt Jungle Remyx)"

Had a lot of fun doing this remix. This is actually the 2nd one I did. The first was almost done and sounded COMPLETELY different, but I wasn't happy with it so I scrapped it.
Shoutout to Charles Emanuel for the opportunity.

DJ Mister Cee Speaks On Recent Arrest On Hot 97 NYC (Audio)

Legendary DJ Mister Cee was arrested Thursday night/Friday morning
for solicitation of prostitution.
A male prostitute.
Mister Cee explains he's "not gay", but that he likes prostitutes.
This isn't even funny. It's sad.
Cee.. you're a legend. Be you.
On the other hand, this conversation with with Hot 97's Ebro Darden, from one friend to another,
 seems like Cee may feel like he may have something to lose by potentially coming out.
Or he may just not be gay and have a fetish for male prostitutes.
Who knows?
Either way, the conversation is heartfelt.

New Music: @MsLaurynHill - "Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)"

Here's the brand new single from Ms. Lauryn Hill, released as part of her new deal with Sony.

WATCH: "Curse Of Chucky" [Official Trailer]

Coming direct-to-video on Oct 8, 2013, this is a return to the darker elements of the
original "Child's Play" movie, which took more of a comedic tone over the years with its sequels.
This is supposedly the final sequel before creator Don Mancini's upcoming darker reboot of the original.
Brad Dourif will return to both movies as the voice of Chucky
(and presumably also as Charles Lee Ray in the remake)

New Music: @RhemaK - "I Do"

Rhema K. - Courtesy of his Reverbnation Page
Check out the new joint from Suxxess Records affiliate Rhama K. (also known as B.Slade's nephew).
A smooth groove, with lyrics and vocal arrangement to match. DOPE.


#RIP, Chris Kelly of Kris Kross, Age 34

Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly (left) and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith, together known as Kris Kros; February 2013

WATCH: "Love Is All You Need?" [Short Film]

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Full Force On "The Breakfast Club"