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Throwback of the Week: Martika - "Love..Thy will Be Done"

In Memorium: Dr. E.B. "Betty" Williams

   On December 28th,  evangelist and vocalist Dr. Betty Williams, mother of Grammy-nominated recording artist/actor/model TON3X, passed away.
    In rememberance, please listen to her album "Simply Because", which was produced by and featured TON3X. The album is available via all digital outlets courtesy of Nureau iNK, LLC.

Please keep the Williams family, Truth Apostolic Community Church in San Diego,  and the rest of Nureau iNK in your prayers.

"V" (2009) : "Pilot"

This "new" series which premeiered  a couple of months ago is sure to be a sleeper hit, at least. This TV show is a re-imagining of the original 198 mini-series and subsequent 1984 TV series on ABC. THe special effects are better, the cast and plot are better, and it seems as though the writing is better too. It's almost as if this show is being treated as long movie, and will be aired in sections. THe return of "V" will be in March of 2010. Here's the pilot eipsode. To watch theentire first 4 episodes, check  them out on HULU.

Blog Blast: TON3X™ releases 4 NEW albums digitally today

"Bapost.og.i.c" (The Original and Uncontested)
"Personal Jesus Remix EP"
"OakPark 921'06"

all at digital retailers WORLDWIDE!

Cop them TODAY... then tell a friend.

For more info, visit

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Sheneneh & Wanda: Stank Robbers

Apparently, the response to this skit on the BET Awards was so BIG, Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence will now make a Sheneneh and Wanda MOVIE... WOW!!!

Prince: "I Love U, But I Don't Trust You Anymore" (Live from Montreaux)

My song of the moment...
Absolutely Beautiful
Live from the Montreaux Jazz Festival

The ORIGINAL "This Is It" written by Michael Jackson & Paul Anka

So, when I first heard "This Is It", the melody and lyrics sounded very familiar.. and this is why:
Apparently, back in the early 90's Michael gave a song called "I Never Heard" to a Latin Freestyle/Dance Music singer named Sa-Fire for her album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday". "I Never Heard" was an outtake from the "Dangerous" album sessions.
Apparently, Paul Anka and Michael Jackson had a falling out, Mike kept the masters and reworked the track before giving it to Sa-Fire, only he kept the lyrics and melody, to which afterward Paul Anka sued. The version you hear now, from the original demo, now retitled "This Is It", had a title change for the movie, since he was actually going to record new material for the album.

Here's the original by Sa-Fire, "I Never Heard", followed by MJ's version, "This Is It".

Michael Jackson: "This Is It" (New Single)

From the forthcoming film, "This Is It". The soundtrack will be released October 27th, with the film in a limited release 2-week engagement starting on October 28th.

TON3X™ News Update

Word around the campfire is that "A Brilliant Catastrophe" has been pushed back until at least 1st Quarter 2010, so that TON3X™ can better concentrate on this forthcoming masterpiece, as well as give room for the onslaught of TON3X™ music coming on November 17th.

That's right, you read right - onslaught.
There will be 5 projects released on November 17th:

1) OAK PARK 921'06
(a different version of OakPark 921'05, for the first time on iTunes)

(The Original! For the first time released on iTunes in separated tracks)

3)Personal Jesus Remyxes
(For the real heads, this is an EP of remixes of the joint that brought TON3X™ to the national forefront)

4)Dancefloor Arsonist: The Janet Jackson Tribute Myxtape
(you've already heard "Got Til It's Gone" and "Rhythm N8ion 2040", y'all ain't ready for the full project)

5) CIRCU$$
(10 years in the vault, this project is FINALLY seeing the light of day, a project STILL ahead of its time)

So, there you have it... "ABC" is simmering while the other projects are bubbling and ready to be taken out of the oven.


EXCLUSIVE: District Connection: "Connected" (produced by J'Fuzion™)

District Connection is MattyB, Sean Israel, and Shamel Shiloh.

From the album, "Monumental"
District Connection
produced by J'Fuzion™
for Paradigm Music Entertainment/J'Fuzion, LLC

You can purchase the album by going  HERE

NEW TON3X™: "Rhythm Nation" & "Got Til It's Gone"

From the forthcoming project:
"Dancefloor Arsonist: The Janet Jackson Tribute Mixtape",
available everywhere on 11/17...

TON3X™ - "Rhythm Nation"

TON3X™ - "Got Til It's Gone"

TON3X™ 's Testimony

I've been holding onto this gem for a minute, now. Now that it's public, here's TON3X™ 's testimony as read on (Big shouts to A-natural and TON3X™)

After all of the buzz surrounding the Lexi interview, things started spinning out of control. What was said, what wasn’t said, and how after you tell the truth even that truth has the propensity to get twisted. However, it’s never a crime to face yourself and speak your heart. And you must have heart to tell the world who you are.

I never thought in a million years that I would find the courage to speak so freely about where I am as a human, a man and a child of God. After much soul searching and Bible reading, I had to come to some decisions about myself that I knew weren’t going to be the easiest to confront, especially since I was a prominent figure in the religious community and gospel music at large. How would my family deal with this when it aired? And would the content be congruent with what was actually filmed after post production? I have to say that Lexi kept her word about professional journalism, and if people watch all three parts, they will see the totality of what was covered — not just the sensationalism.

I scheduled the interview, but I had no idea of the nature of the questions. I mean, I have yet to see faith-based journalists explicitly present these kind of questions to anyone else, but that’s why they asked me, because they know I’m going to give them an answer. It was spontaneous, but I had already come to terms with myself and knew that I would be able to answer with clarity, calmness and truth. Why ? Because I was tired of being asked about my sexuality, and I was still on a journey to find the fullness of what that is. To be honest, I’m still on that journey.

I’m studying daily on the subject of same-sex matters. I’m tired of echoing what I’ve been told. I want to know for myself the true interpretation of scriptures in Biblical text and well as scientific documentation.

You know, it’s not easy growing up in a Pentecostal/Evangelical church, where everyone is pretty much anti-gay, although it’s common knowledge that some of the most anointed musicians and singer-songwriters have, or have dealt with, same-sex attraction at some point. For me, it was particularly taboo because of my upbringing and the ministerial call on my life. I then had to think about the repercussions of this revelation. But I knew I had to get free. That interview was cathartic for me.

It turns out that was the very first time an award-winning mainstream gospel artist openly admitted these things about his or her sexual orientation. I didn’t really think about that either until after the fact, when someone mentioned it to me. Believe me, that’s nothing that I’m happy about. It actually kind of sucks. I had no blueprint; I was actually making one. I had no clue of what would happen; I would have to wait and see. People make telling the truth sound so easy, but it’s not. Not because you don’t know whether it’s the right thing to do, but because you don’t know what people are going to do with it once they hear it. And, more importantly, what part of the truth they really gonna hear.

There was so much more in that interview that I thought was, unfortunately, overlooked. So much more to my story then the sexuality part, but most church folks are sexually repressed anyway, so they naturally gravitate right toward that type of subject matter. I noticed parts one and three weren’t juicy enough for the church or the public, yet they were the key to the whole puzzle. I talked about my same-sex attraction. I don’t think that there was any new information here. I’ve addressed this issue in my music for years. But for many, I guess, it was a shock of sorts. But believe me, it wasn’t for shock value. The real story is not cute, ladies and gentlemen. Freedom, my friends, is not for cowards.

Amazingly, after the interview, I could not believe that 96 percent of the responses were positive. Many were commending me on my poise, my intellect and the way I handled the entire process. No, everyone didn’t agree with every point I made, but they had to applaud my courage for speaking out on such a private matter. I felt the need to address it candidly because we’ve been skating around the subject of homosexuality and the church for a long time — enjoying the benefits of same-gender-loving people, yet abusing them from the pulpits.

No one said stop preaching against fornication, lust, lying, stealing or adultery. What I am saying is that we need to stop focusing on people’s private lives and sexual orientation and preach the truth of God’s salvation. Whatever your faith may be, no one has the right to blatantly disrespect or harass another human being. Beyond that, we have no need to go into people’s closets and private matters. Teach the word, and let God handle the rest. His love is much greater than His judgment.

This is the position I am holding: God’s love is indeed for everyone. Although that interview is being dubbed my “coming out,” that was the least of what was being conveyed. Healthy, committed, monogamous relationships on both sides of the spectrum were mentioned, particularly marriage for a man and a woman (even though I have not come to terms about gay marriage). I still feel commitment is much better than promiscuity. Abstinence, of course, is ideal, but in this generation, it’s just not a likely reality.

The other reactions are another story. Within no time, every engagement that I had to preach or sing in churches or faith-based concert venues was canceled. I suppose they did not want a demon-possessed homosexual on their stage or pulpit, although I never stopped preaching or teaching the same doctrine and principles that I spoke on before. I’m still the same dude today. I believe that people still have not seen the interview themselves; they are going by what they’ve heard someone else tell them.

I was the same person back then as I am now, the one that God used to help a lot of people. The phobias that I am witnessing are scary. People who serve this loving God are showing so much hate for one of His beloved children. And I understand where they are coming from, because it’s never really been addressed this way. I’m standing out here naked. And, frankly, people are angry.

Some said I should have shown remorse; some say that I’m leading people astray. All I did was tell the truth. It’s no wonder why people lie within this system. Not because they believe in everything man says but because they have bills to pay. The hypocrisy of this should have left me quite burnt out with the whole situation. So then I had to shift my focus off of religion and move toward being a pioneer. Charting new territory for an oppressed people that truly love God and have been ostracized beyond belief — the sheep of another fold.

I speak of them in a song called ‘This is All of Me.’ I was speaking for all the “kids” around the world. Basically the kids are boys and girls that are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender), a group that has a 30 percent suicide rate among gay and bisexual youth. And the young men with more “feminine gender-role characteristics” and those who recognized their same-sex orientation at an early age and acted on those sexual feelings seem to face the highest risk of self-destructive behavior.

Because no one is affirming the existence of these young people. No one is showing them love. No one is showing them life or God or beauty. They are only shown hell, death, bigotry and damnation. But even for this community and other social outcasts, there is still room at the cross.

I will continue my recording activism, advocating fair treatment of all people, including these people, my own people, with whom I not only sympathize but empathize. I have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be teased, abused, yelled at and preached against. I’ve been told that I am worse than a serial killer. No one can ever tell me that I willfully opted for choosing this road. I wanted it out of me. In the past, I had even attempted to take my own life, but God’s mercy said no.

As I continue down this path of self-discovery, my prayer is that others will see that we are your sons, daughters, cousins, nieces and nephews silently crying inside, coping with fear and uncertainty. We need love and affirmation. We need to know that it’s okay to talk about these issues in a safe family environment and that we will be respected not just for our art and talents but for the beautiful human beings that God created us to be. After all, He does not make mistakes. I would not be here typing had it not been for the prayers of the righteous and real friends who understand the challenge of taking the road less traveled. May we all show love toward one another. The greatest command is love another. Thank you for listening to my testimony.

TON3X™ 's Baposto.g.i.c. Rebuttal (Audio)

Here's TON3X™'s response to Bryan Wilson's "new" concept.


Bryan Wilson "Creates" "Bapostogic Beginnings"

An interesting video hit the web a few days ago from Gospel singer Bryan Wilson, who claims to have created a concept called "Bapostogic" and plans to release "Bapostogic Beginnings"...

Here's the thing: Bryan Wilson did not create "Bapostogic". It is a TRADEMARKED brand and concept from Gospel/R&B artist TON3X™, who released "The Bapost.o.g.i.c." mixtape in August of 2008. One year ago, of which I did a REVIEW.



"The Office" Season Premiere Now On Online

One of my favorite shows on TV, "The Office" is now streaming its season premier on the 'net. The season premier, "Gossip", first aired on the 17th. Check it out below.

You are not ready....

...for what's to come.


Word Is....

...the ""A Brilliant Catastrophe" (ABC) multimedia campaign will hit its peak with something so monumental, that no one will ever see it coming.... Stay tuned.

TON3X™: "A Brilliant Catastrophe" Media Campaign Continues...

"Living Out Loud With Darian" sat down with TON3X™ to address the infamous Lexi interview, coming out, freedom, and his upcoming project, "A Brilliant Catastrophe"

Y'all ain't ready...


TON3X™ and A-Natural: 5 Questions

The multimedia campaign for "A Brilliant Catasrophe" (ABC) begins today.
An early treat last night, however, was from my homie A-Natural, who conducted a "5 Question" interview, along with a little word association.
The multimedia campaign continues with more later today.
In the meantime, peep this:

PS: You can visit A-Natural's blog, "The Mind Of A-Natural", HERE!

Exclusive: Prince Rehearsal Track! Listen Now!

Exclusive: Prince Rehearsal Track! Listen Now!

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T0N3X™ - "A Brilliant Catastrophe"

The multimedia campaign begins shortly.
Get ready, children.

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"Billy Eckstein he ain't, baby"

Fam. Really. Don't quit your day job. And if you don't have one... please, for the love of God, get one. It's people like you that are f----n' up the industry.

RIP, 2Pac: Lost Interview Part II

For all the cats who remember, this interview was the basis of the legendary mixtape, "Makaveli Part II" that was released around '97-'98.

Heavy Metal Church!!!

Check out this Heavy Metal Church in Colombia!!!
Shout-out to Papa Dukes, with thanks to MSN.CCOM
Video after the jump...

When is Mariah Gonna Stop Frontin'?

Here's a French radio interview with Mariah Carey where she denies Eminem ever smacked it.


A friend and brother in Christ of mine recently blogged this UNBELIEVEABLY profound statement with merely a small paragraph.

Kanye Apologizes on The Jay Leno Show

Very touching... and real! Big ups to Yeezy.

RIP, Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, actor and dancer, best known from hit movies "Dirty Dancing", "Roadhouse",  and "Ghost", passed away this morning from complications stemming from pancreatic cancer. He was 57 years old.
This year of loss is unbelieveable.
RIP, Mr. Swayze. Here's one for the road...

Mary Mary featuring NE-YO: "God In Me" REMIX

New Janet Jackson: "MAKE ME"


"Michael Jackson's This Is It" Trailer

MTV's MJ Tribute

Madonna opened up the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with a poignant speech dedicated to Michael Jackson, and was followed by a dance tribute to a few of his biggest hits, and the MJ tribute ended with Janet Jackson singing with MJ's video footage from "Scream". Beautiful. Your thoughts?

What Has Sesame Street Come To?

Sesame Street has resorted to showcasing kids' terminology of their bowel movements and urine. Jim Henson, we miss you. SMH.

Michael Jackson "This Is It" Movie Details!

Here's how ThatGrapeJuice.Net reports it:
1) Trailers are mostly done, and we're waiting partly on the footage from the funeral which is being added in now. Expect to see the first ad premiere next weekend. I tried to press him on more info regarding the VMA's but couldn't get a confirmation.

2) The movie is not a 2 hour concert like many fans thought. In fact the movie is simply a documentary based around the This Is It tour, it shows Jackson in his final days and includes his death, aftermath, and reaction. Clips from the memorial and funeral will be used.

3) There will be some footage of MJ performing, much longer then the 3-4 minute snippet released at the end of June by AEG. You will see MJ in his dressing room, mingling and directing, plus one scene where he talks to the camera. Basically, it will show Jackson in his final months alive.

4) The movie is between 100 and 130 minutes in length.

5) The plan for the DVD is to have it out in late November by Thanksgiving or early December at the latest, although my source revealed this maybe a long shot if they extend the 2 week showing to 3 or 4 weeks (which is possible).

6) The DVD will contain the theatrical version in its whole plus over 2 hours of Jackson performing, warming up his vocals, singing, and in full costume. The most spectacular footage is by far from the Staples Center in LA which I'm told will "blow fans away". This extra footage will be a special feature on the DVD along with many other treats that fans will love.

7) Finally, the CD soundtrack I'm told will be released after the movie, most likely sometime in November to coincide with the DVD launch and WILL include a new song Jackson recorded in his last 2 years alive. Apparently the song is "off the hook" and is currently being worked on by producers who are putting the finishing touches on it and is being considered to be issued as a single all around the world.

    I, for one, cannot WAIT to see how this is gonna turn out.

The Judas Syndrome

   This blog isn't about what you think. The first mention of Judas would lead one to ultimately think of  betrayal. While I will touch on that subject briefly, this particular blog is regarding repentance.

From the Book of Matthew, Chapter 27: (NLT) :
 1 Very early in the morning the leading priests and the elders met again to lay plans for putting Jesus to death. 2 Then they bound him, led him away, and took him to Pilate, the Roman governor.
 3 When Judas, who had betrayed him, realized that Jesus had been condemned to die, he was filled with remorse. So he took the thirty pieces of silver back to the leading priests and the elders. 4 “I have sinned,” he declared, “for I have betrayed an innocent man.”
   “What do we care?” they retorted. “That’s your problem.”
 5 Then Judas threw the silver coins down in the Temple and went out and hanged himself...
    There is a 2-fold issue here. One one side of the proverbial coin is the obvious, the one that most Christians point out: Judas' betrayal and subsequent guilt.  The other side is a little less obvious: Judas' inability to repent.
         Interestingly enough,  verse 3 of the KJV translation says that Judas "repented himself". 
     Let's look at the word "repent".  "Repent" is defined in Webster's dictionary as " [turning] from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life". 
       A better translation of verse 3, in my opinion, is in the NLT  which uses "remorse" in replacement.
There is a difference between remorse or regret and repentance. You can be remorseful of your transgressions and sins, but it is another thing entirely to repent. Judas took the route that most of us take when faced with self-condemnation or condemnation from the Holy Spirit. We hide, we run away, shut ourselves off from hearing God by putting our fingers in our ears like children, or worse yet, we self-destruct out of guilt.
    Rather than actually repent and be made whole, Judas was remorseful. That remorse and guilt was Satan's green light to manipulate Judas into suicide.
    My point is this: rather than subject ourselves to ongoing guilt, self-loathing, and self-destructive behaviors, wouldn't it be so much easier to just REPENT and MOVE ON?
      You made your bed, you laid in it, now get OUT of the bed! Don't stay in the bed forever because the more you think,  the more you blink. As the saying goes, "an idle mind is the Devil's playground". 
     Ask God to forgive you. ONCE. He'll forgive you (even if you screw up again- though it's not a hall pass to do so). That's it. Move on. Don't keep asking for forgiveness for something that you've LONG been forgiven for. That would make Jesus' work on the Cross in vain as it pertains to your life. 
       Move on, and move on in the RIGHT direction.  A smart mouse knows where the traps are and will never go toward the cheese on top of the trap. Either they've seen their little mouse homies get murked, or they've had enough close calls to know not to go there again.  Don't fall for the same traps, no matter how tempting the cheese looks. 
      Don't be like Judas. Don't let your guilt stop you from your relationship with God. 
      Repent, and keep it movin'.

Stevie Wonder's Twitter Page

This is SO wrong yet so hysterically funny. Hell, even Stevie himself makes jokes about him driving, etc.

Whitney Houston Live At GMA (Raw Video)

Wow. Whitney's voice just isn't the same. I think sales will be pretty good though.

Pastor Prays God Kills Barack Obama

This is one of the reasons why I'm done with religion and into a personal relationship with Christ. Church folks need to grow up. Really.

THe 7-Second A$$ Whoopin'

Apple Confirms iPod Event for September 9th

Apple, Inc. has issued an invitation for various press outlets announcing an iPod event for next Wednesday, September 9th. This fuels speculation of the BEatles catalog finally coming to iTunes, as Rock Band: Beatles and the new Beatles Box set both hit the store that day. Other speculations are a possible iTunes update that may support social networking and Blu-Ray, as well as iPod Touches, Nanos and Classics possibly sporting cameras. We'll keep you posted next week!

Religion Is Like A Movie...

How do you explain the difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to someone who knows nothing about religion?
CLICK HERE to find out... and if you're offended, lighten up. It's a joke.

Hurricane Katrina: 4 Years Later

While we celebrate the life and mourn the passing of Michael Jackson this weekend, please remember in your prayers the family of the thousands who were lost in hurricane Katrina 4 years ago.
Lest We Forget:

JD pays tribute to MJ

UPDATE: The Stream has ended. Hopefully JD will archive it for us to "Jam" to.

Rest In Peace, DJ AM

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, 36, was found dead at his apartment in New York City. Police say that drug paraphernalia was found at the scene, including a crack pipe. Initial suspicions are that he may have died due to a drug overdose, though toxicology and coroner reports will confirm his cause of death soon. Adam, along with drummer Travis Barker, survived a plane crash last year that left both critically injured. They were the only survivors. Rest In Peace, sir.

Michael Jackson: King of POT?

It seems that detectives found marijuana at MJ's rental home while doing there investigations surrounding his death.
Somehow, that put a smile on my face- and I don't even indulge.


God Is Love... Right?

via CNN

Songwriter Ellie Greenwich Dies at 68

Songwriter Ellie Greenwich Dies at 68

Watch This And Laugh


Mac OSX 10.6: Snow Leopard - First Reviews In

The first reviews are out for the new Mac OSX operationg system, 10.6: Snow Leopard.
CLICK HERE to read one via Engadget.

I will be doing one of my own when the OS officially drops on Friday. Stay tuned.

Drake featuring Lil' Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem - "Forever"



Em ain't playin' with the flow on this one...


Prior Incidents sparked Chris Brown Sentence: Report

Apparently, Chris Brown was involved with prior domestic violence incidents with Rihanna, according to a probation report. This would explain the harshness of his sentencing. That, as well as the infamous pic below.

RIP, Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy died tonight of brain cancer at his home in Massachusetts
Mr. Kennedy was the youngest brother of John F. Kennedy and was a pioneer of both the No Child Left Behind Act and lowering the legal age to vote to age 18, among many other political accomplishments. Rest In Peace, Mr. Kennedy. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Chris & Rihanna Ordered to Stay Away For 5 Years

Chris Brown was sentenced today... and the judge was HARSH.
6 months hard community service, fines, and ordered to stay away from Rihanna for 5 years.
Guess it's a wrap for them... but at this point - you never know about those 2.
Peep the full story HERE.

Warning About Excessive Use Of Sugar

Heart group: Cut Back — Way Back — On Extra Sugar
By JAMIE STENGLE, Associated Press Writer - Mon Aug 24, 1:57 PM PDT

DALLAS - A spoonful of sugar? Americans are swallowing 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, and it's time to cut way back, the American Heart Association says.

Most of that added sugar comes from soft drinks and candy — a whopping 355 calories and the equivalent of guzzling two cans of soda and eating a chocolate bar.

By comparison, most women should be getting no more than 6 teaspoons a day, or 100 calories, of added sugar — the sweeteners and syrups that are added to foods during processing, preparation or at the table. For most men, the recommended limit is 9 teaspoons, or 150 calories, the heart group says.

The guidelines do not apply to naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

Rachel K. Johnson, lead author of the statement published online Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, said it was time to give specific advice on how much added sugar Americans should be getting, not just advising moderation.

"Take a good hard look at your diet," said Johnson, professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont in Burlington. "Figure out where the sources of added sugars are and think about how to cut back on that."

She said about 8 ounces of fruit-flavored yogurt has about 6 teaspoons of added sugar; 8 ounces of low-fat chocolate milk has about 4 teaspoons; a cup of frosted whole grain cereal has about 3 teaspoons.

The biggest culprits for the glut of sugar? Soft drinks by far, followed by candy, cakes, cookies and pies.

With about 8 teaspoons of added sugar, a regular 12-ounce soft drink will put most women over the recommended daily limit.

Cutting back on sugar likely won't be easy for many people, said Lona Sandon, a dietitian at Dallas' University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

"I think it's probably going to be a struggle for quite a few people," Sandon said.

Calculating one's sugar intake can be tricky as the government doesn't require labels to differentiate added sugars from naturally occurring sugars, said Johnson. But she points out that the biggest sources, like regular soft drinks and sweets, are pretty obvious. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a database for the added sugar in some foods.

To check for added sugar, look for a variety of ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, molasses or evaporated cane juice on the label.

The heart group didn't recommend general limits for added sugar for children; a national health survey has shown that boys ages 14 to 18 consume an eye-popping 34 teaspoons of added sugar a day.

Sandon said that parents can help lower that sugar intake by getting soda out of the house, looking at how much sugar is in their kids' cereal and substituting snacks like cookies with popcorn.

Johnson concedes that sugar does play an important role in enhancing the taste of food, adding: "If you feel like, 'I just can't live with this low amount of sugar in my diet,' then what you need to do is up your energy needs."

In other words, she said, get moving. A man in his early 20s who walks more than three miles a day could consume about 288 calories, or about 18 teaspoons, of added sugar.

The statement says data indicates added sugar is contributing to Americans consuming too many discretionary calories — the number of calories remaining after a person eats the foods needed to meet nutrient requirements.

"We know for sure that if you are consuming excessive amounts of added sugar, you will add calories, which leads to weight gain, or you will displace other essential nutrients," she said.

On average, most women need about 1,800 calories a day and most men need about 2,200, Johnson said.

If someone drinks their daily calorie needs in soft drinks, they will be maintaining their weight, but won't be getting any nutrients, she said.

Wahida Karmally, nutrition director at Columbia University's Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, said that with these guidelines, it's important to remember overall moderation. Some people, for instance, might be doing fine in their sugar consumption but are overdoing it on fat.

"I don't want people to go back thinking if I just cut back on teaspoons of sugar I'm going to be very healthy," she said.



On the Net: American Heart Association,

U.S. Department of Agriculture's database listing added sugars in certain foods,

MJ Death Ruled Homocide: Lethal Amounts of Propofol In Body

CLICK HERE for full stoy....


Checkers & Chess

A little while back, I was faced with some serious crises. One after the other, it seems as though those crises were God's way of getting my attention in a way that I wasn't really used to. God allowed those crises to break me down, strip my flesh to the bone until there was nothing left but exposure to the Light. In turn, I had a crisis of my own. A crisis of faith. The type of crisis that I'm sure none of you have ever gone through (cough)... but I'm just gonna write about myself.
I don't consider myself a fanatical Christian, nor am I what's considered "luke-warm". I'm a Christian realist. I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior, but I am neither a hypocrite nor delusional into thinking that my faith alone will subside me without any effort on my part. Example: I believe that God will supply healing for someone having diabetes, but if they're not taking their insulin and praying for God to give them a miracle, they've missed the point.
Getting back to my story, I was forced to internally re-evaluate the way I thought, the way I acted, the way I believed, and even the way I prayed. So many of my own personal insecurities manifested themselves outwardly in too many subconscious ways. I stopped myself a lot from doing what I know God wanted me to do, or even more so, what I wanted to through Him, because I was afraid that God wouldn't be cool with me. I'm not a fanatic by any means, and I felt as though my self-esteem and self-doubt was getting in the way of my calling.
It wasn't until my recent crises that I was forced to REPENT from that way of thinking and break myself down, asking God "OK, God. What do YOU want me to do"?
It was then, in my spirit, in the quietness of my frustration and internal struggles, that the Holy Spirit told me: "I want you to stop playing checkers and learn to play chess".
My initial reaction was: "I don't know how to play chess, have never played a minute in my life. I've heard the expression but never understood it so, God, you gotta really help me out".
The Spirit (not my spirit, mind you) told me: "In checkers, one usually plays with speed, never really thinking because it's all about getting that King. When one plays checkers, you rarely see anyone contemplating the board strategically because there is one goal: to get as many kings as possible and run your opponent into a corner making them lose all of their discs. It's a game of speed and a game of takeover. You must learn to play CHESS."
OK, God, what does that mean?
"In chess", He told me,"your objective is to use your head, protect your King from checkmate while organizing strategically how to checkmate your opponent's King. This, in turn, is not a game of speed. It is a game of patience and skill. You must first STUDY the board and STUDY the positions of the opponent, STUDY their moves, and think AHEAD about 2 moves, that way you can protect your King"
OK, so what now.
"Simply, son: shut up sit down and play chess. Don't do anything unless I tell you to. Don't say anything unless it's what I want you to say. Don't you dare make a move in the flesh because you will only set yourself up for checkmate."
And so I did. I was too worried playing checkers that my initial reaction was to fight back, jump all over the board and take the kings, without realizing that I was playing the wrong game.
Again, I'm just talking about me. None of you know what I'm talking about, right?
Too many of us are playing checkers with our lives, rushing God, hurrying Him for a manifestation, quick to pull the trigger when the heat is on. STOP!!!
When it was all said and done, playing chess saved my life. Saved my sanity, saved my family. Had I played checkers on a chessboard, I would have trigger-fingered the situation and the outcome of my crises would have been a lot different.
Playing checkers is akin to doing things "in the flesh". Immediate reactions, coupled with anger or frustration will backfire. Playing chess, on the other hand, is waiting on the Lord and watching your next movement before it happens, listening to the Spirit, praying, getting in His presence so that He can do His job and intercede. Stop trying to do His job! You want God to help you, but you want when you want it and how you want it. That's arrogance, it's a trick of the enemy to get you into the flesh so that when it blows up in your face, the enemy can say "I told you so". The devil is a liar!
You don't know if your opponent is just waiting for you to make your move...just so they can backfire. They may be just awaiting a reaction-any reaction. They may just be waiting to see if want a truce, purposely putting chess pieces in a way so that you can clearly see their objective and how you will react.
The flesh will tell you: "Oh, NOOOO!! This fool is NOT gonna come on my board and try to dominate me... I'm gonna have to fight back".
PLAY CHESS, make your move calculating, decisive, with prayer and patience, awaiting the opponent's counter.
One thing to remember is that the enemy LOVES to see chaos and disorder. Satan LOVES to watch people fight, bicker, and everything else. He is not interested in reconciliation or restoration. He is not interested in whether or not your opponent is remorseful for capturing your chess piece. He is only interested in the battle, whatever the outcome, and the enemy will ALWAYS mock both the loser AND the winner, because Satan comes to divide, conquer and destroy (John 10:10).
Start playing chess, people. Checkers is a child's game (1 Corinth. 13:11.



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