The ORIGINAL "This Is It" written by Michael Jackson & Paul Anka

So, when I first heard "This Is It", the melody and lyrics sounded very familiar.. and this is why:
Apparently, back in the early 90's Michael gave a song called "I Never Heard" to a Latin Freestyle/Dance Music singer named Sa-Fire for her album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday". "I Never Heard" was an outtake from the "Dangerous" album sessions.
Apparently, Paul Anka and Michael Jackson had a falling out, Mike kept the masters and reworked the track before giving it to Sa-Fire, only he kept the lyrics and melody, to which afterward Paul Anka sued. The version you hear now, from the original demo, now retitled "This Is It", had a title change for the movie, since he was actually going to record new material for the album.

Here's the original by Sa-Fire, "I Never Heard", followed by MJ's version, "This Is It".


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