@MiddleNameRay Gives A Stunning Review/Thesis Of @BSLADE's "Stunt B___H" Album

Click the pic above to read Ray Curenton's breakdown thesis of B.Slade's™ 
latest, critically-acclaimed work, "Stunt B%$@H", 
available on iTunes and all other online music retailers.

Music Pick Of The Week: @KFlay - "West Ghost" Mixtape [NSFW]

I received this mixtape of fearless, experimental Hip-Hop from San Francisco in my inbox today and was immediately floored. I've never heard anything like this before and she is DOPE.
COP IT HERE  if you know what's good.

New Music: @3rdEyeGirl - "Live Out Loud" [produced & co-written by Prince]

While the mix on this particular mixdown is kind of "hot" (levels are a little too high),
 it may be by design until the actual single is on sale to deter bootleggers.
I love the song, the sound and lyrics (written by Prince and @LivWarfield), the rock and especially the chord progressions and arrangement on the chorus. That bass line and during the first verse is SO dope.
I love it.
Original lyrics: Liv Warfield
Music written by Prince
Drums and Vocals: Hannah Ford
Guitar and Vocals: Donna Grantis
Bass and Vocals: Ida Nielsen
Additional Vocals and Effects: Prince
Purchase the song at 3RDEYEGIRL.COM for only $0.88 now!

NEW VISUAL: @AndyAllo - "If I Was King" [Live @GuitarCenter Performance)

Here's video of Andy and her band (including Cassandra On'Neal and John Blackwell)
From the stellar album, "Superconductor" out on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and
Andy Allo's Guitar Center Sessions special will air  February 22nd, at 9pm ET | 10pm PT on DIRECTV's Audience Network, channel 239.

@OheneSavant Introduces The Hip Bop Movement [Video]

In this first installment, O'hene Savant introduces the culture known as 'HipBop', or the urban classical movement. This is as O'hene describes, "ghetto fine arts". O'hene Savant is the evolvement. 
To join the movement visit HipBop.Org

@BSLADE Featured Once Again In @VibeMagazine

@BSLADE has been featured once again in @VibeMagazine
Click the pic above for the article by@MrGerrenalist

NEW MUSIC: @Enxo - "Forrest Gump" (@Frank_Ocean Cover)

THIS took a LOT of courage to do as a singer, given its perceived subject matter.
SO proud of the homie @Enxo.

A Public Service Announcement From J'Fuzion™

Don't let this be you.
@BSLADE's Vocal Sensei Mastery Program can be purchased HERE.

@TylerConti Covers Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

New Visual: @TheWeeknd - "Twenty Eight" [NSFW]

Directed by Nabil.
From the triple album/mixtape re-release "Trilogy" available on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play NOW.

Coming Soon: @CharlesEmanuel_ - "Invincible" [Mixtape]

Here's the first single, "Invincible", which is DOPE. I'm really liking the chorus and melody, 
and the message is very uplifting.
The mixtape is dropping soon, Make sure to follow Charles Emanuel on twitter (@CharlesEmanuel_) 
and tell him @JFuzion sent you.

NEW VISUAL: @BSLADE - "Apollo: A Rockumentary"

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at B.Slade's™ recent appearance at the Apollo Music Cafe.
Please prepare yourself for the onslaught.
You've been warned.

NEW MUSIC: @JTimberlake - "Mirrors"

OK, I'm REALLY diggin' this song.
MUCH better than "Suit & Tie", in my opinion.
Accessible. Radio-friendly, melodic and great lyrics.
From his new album, "The 20/20 Experience", dropping 3.19.2013

@BSLADE Featured In @VibeMagazine Article

@Bslade has been featured in the "Vibe Guides" section of the Vibe Magazine website.
Here, he talks his favorite hotspots in New York and California, as well as discusses his new,
crictially-acclaimed album "STUNT B___H", which was released last month via all digital outlets.
Check the article out by clicking on the pic above.
It's not a game.

@ChakaKhan, @BSLADE, and Producer Neff-U In The Lab [Pics]

Photos Courtesy of Logan Alexander and B.Slade's™ Instagram Profile. USED BY PERMISSION.
It's not a game. It REALLY isn't.
You've been warned.

Wow... What An Idiot [Video]

She should've just kept her mouth shut and feigned her sobriety,

EXCLUSIVE: @BSLADE @ApolloTheater Rehearsal Footage [Video]

Here's a 13-minute montage of an hour-long rehearsal that @BSlade held in NYC in preparation for his
recent stint at the Apollo Music Cafe at the @ApolloTheater.
Special appearance by actor Chester Gregory.
Special thanks to @b2productions and @BSlade for the exclusive footage.

Prince Releases New Music Via @3rdEyeGirl Website

All I have to say is "Breakfast Can Wait"... 
and those remixes of "Screwdriver" and "Rock N Roll Love Affair"?.
$0.88 cents a track... and one of them in losless WAV?
Shoutout to @DrFunkenberry and DRFUNKENBERRY.COM 
for the link.

@ShaniceOnline & @BSLADE LIVE Footage [Video]

Here's footage of @ShaniceOnline and her musical director/special guest @BSlade 
as they set the stage on fire during a recent concert in California.
Word is, @BSlade is also working on @ShaniceOnline's new album...



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