New Music: @3rdEyeGirl - "Live Out Loud" [produced & co-written by Prince]

While the mix on this particular mixdown is kind of "hot" (levels are a little too high),
 it may be by design until the actual single is on sale to deter bootleggers.
I love the song, the sound and lyrics (written by Prince and @LivWarfield), the rock and especially the chord progressions and arrangement on the chorus. That bass line and during the first verse is SO dope.
I love it.
Original lyrics: Liv Warfield
Music written by Prince
Drums and Vocals: Hannah Ford
Guitar and Vocals: Donna Grantis
Bass and Vocals: Ida Nielsen
Additional Vocals and Effects: Prince
Purchase the song at 3RDEYEGIRL.COM for only $0.88 now!


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