Michael Jackson "This Is It" Movie Details!

Here's how ThatGrapeJuice.Net reports it:
1) Trailers are mostly done, and we're waiting partly on the footage from the funeral which is being added in now. Expect to see the first ad premiere next weekend. I tried to press him on more info regarding the VMA's but couldn't get a confirmation.

2) The movie is not a 2 hour concert like many fans thought. In fact the movie is simply a documentary based around the This Is It tour, it shows Jackson in his final days and includes his death, aftermath, and reaction. Clips from the memorial and funeral will be used.

3) There will be some footage of MJ performing, much longer then the 3-4 minute snippet released at the end of June by AEG. You will see MJ in his dressing room, mingling and directing, plus one scene where he talks to the camera. Basically, it will show Jackson in his final months alive.

4) The movie is between 100 and 130 minutes in length.

5) The plan for the DVD is to have it out in late November by Thanksgiving or early December at the latest, although my source revealed this maybe a long shot if they extend the 2 week showing to 3 or 4 weeks (which is possible).

6) The DVD will contain the theatrical version in its whole plus over 2 hours of Jackson performing, warming up his vocals, singing, and in full costume. The most spectacular footage is by far from the Staples Center in LA which I'm told will "blow fans away". This extra footage will be a special feature on the DVD along with many other treats that fans will love.

7) Finally, the CD soundtrack I'm told will be released after the movie, most likely sometime in November to coincide with the DVD launch and WILL include a new song Jackson recorded in his last 2 years alive. Apparently the song is "off the hook" and is currently being worked on by producers who are putting the finishing touches on it and is being considered to be issued as a single all around the world.

    I, for one, cannot WAIT to see how this is gonna turn out.


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