New Music: @BSLADE - "Disco Humanity" (@JFuzion's Purification Myx)

@BSLADE // image courtesy Civic Taylor & Suxxess Records. USED BY PERMISSION.
OK, so... I was NOT expecting this to be released.
Here's the deal with this one:
It's a remix of the same song from the album "Dawn O' The UNiCORN"
which was the first official @BSLADE project released in June of 2010.
This particular remix was done for a VERY specific reason.
I can't speak on it much, but it's bigger than music.
It was actually done a few months back for a secret project I'm a part of.
Again, I can't speak on it just yet... but it's for a beautiful purpose.
All I CAN say is that I am honored that this remix has dropped on
YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.


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