Maxwell's Letter To The Listener

a letter to the listener

Yesterday at 22:23

i know its been a long time. countless updates on various pages; false starts and empty promises. even i get frustrated with myself. why leave a world so encouraging and optimistic when so many people dream for the chances some of you may believe i might have squandered.

this isnt in response to anything or anyone in paticular. people are mercurial and my droplet is nothing compared to the oceans of you that see what you wish and perceive what you will.

again, i’m sure most of you are scratching your heads, confused with questions and concerns, but when it all surfaces and comes to fruition. i hope you can see that this journey was meant to happen as it did. i didn’t get it at first, but now, it all seems to be making sense. i guess candles have no power in the day and your many lights have been the leader leading me out from my bleak yet self induced darkness.

i’m not the best and i think even less of my contribution to music than my confidence sometimes betrays. there are hundreds i think of who rock it better than i do. some probably agree and i’m sure they will be all a buzz with details about why i suck.
regardless of that fact it’s just my nature and i guess my curse. i’m not fishing so please, no need for a pep talk. i just always think it, or i, can be better, but you know this already.

i urge you all to purchase prince’s new records. he is one of the last and baddest on the set. sade is on her way as well and trust me, it’s so monolithic it’ll shake you in your shoes!

pretty wings the video is set to be filmed.
the album, pre summer and the world tour.
this summer into the summer of 2010.
we’re going everywhere. details to follow.
thank you for waiting,



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