Michael Jackson: The Price Of Fame

Michael Jackson meant so much to me, means so much to me and my craft that it's almost as if a part of me died yesterday-suddenly. I'm numb and his death hasn't really hit me yet. One of my brothers called me yesterday, hysterical, and all I could do was muster up a few tears but still numb in shock.

I remember practicing alone how to do his moves when I was younger. I remember my mother teaching me how to harmonize to his music, and playing her 45's and albums of Jackson 5 music. It's unbelieveable to me that he's gone.

I will say this: the media killed him, indirectly. His gentle and innocent spirit caused people to judge and use him and ultimately sent him into a tailspin that exposed his vulnerability and people attacked it. People used him, abused him, and used his insecurities and attacked him. He also allowed people in his life that were parasites, leeches who preyed on his generosity and kindness and gave him everything he wanted -- without saying no....because he was Michael Jackson.

Whatever you may say about his appearance and eccentricities, they were ALL directly related to his childhood and his fame as an adult. He had a deep sorrow that no one saw save for a few people. He felt very lonely in his fame, and it almost seemed as if he wasn't happy with himself. His perfectionism (and reports of 6-hour-plus rehearsals for his upcoming tour) can attest to it. There was an old interview where on his famous "Motown 25" "Billie Jean" performance, where he said that while everyone was excited, famous people were calling him in congratulations, all he thought about was how he lost his balance on the toe-stand after the moonwalk.


Even at his highest of heights, Michael was a product of his childhood, entrapped in his fame and longing for normalcy, a normalcy that his siblings can somehow attain, but that he himself was unable to.

May he rest in peace now, in a peace that he longed for, and may his children and family be comforted in the knowledge that they were loved by Michael and may they be comforted with Gods love and the love of their and Michael's fans.

My only wish is that the press allow Michael to be put to rest and allow his family to grieve properly. Speculation and negativity only makes you look like insenstivie jackasses. He was a human being with a family and children, by all acounts a good father (as good as he could be) and was in pain emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually before he died. Let him rest in peace.



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