Music Pick of the Week: Krys Ivory - "Reflection" (Mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Mr. Maybe
3. Be Next To Ya (Interlude)
4. Be Next To Ya (Remix)
5. Winner
6. Greatest Desire
7. Heart Beat
8. Predictable
9. K-Day 93.5 Interview w/ Devi Dev
10. I Need You (Interlude)
11. I Need You 

I haven't done a proper review or  summary in a LONG time, so I feel that I should start, especially after this particular artist I heard today. Krys Ivory is an artist signed to Next Selection Lifestyle Group, owned by producer/artist/mogul Ryan Leslie. I'd heard a little about her music but finally downloaded her  mixtape, "Reflections", which I believe was released about 3 months ago, according to her website. Great voice, really catchy music, but her backstory is what drew me to the music in the first place: She is a preacher's daughter, started out in Gospel/Christian music and... Krys is a cancer survivor. 
   She is currently in remission from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer which affects the immune system. Her music is standard R-Les/NSL... nice grooves, catchy lyrics... and this girl can actually SING. What did it for ME, on this mixtape, was the last track called "I Need You".. which is a very beautiful Gospel song... without any genre.  What did I mean by that? Krys Ivory is one of a long line of musicians who love God and aren't afraid to say so but are not limiting themselves to any genre because God is present through all of our experiences. Much props to Ryan Leslie for having the testicular fortitude to allow this young lady to shine. And MAJOR respect to Krys Ivory, for just fearlessly being herself in an industry of robots.

You can check Krys on twitter at @KrysIvory, on her Myspace page, or her own website,, where you can download the mixtape, or click HERE for a direct link.

And for those who doubt she can slay, watch this:


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