Royalty J. Dance audition for Tina Brown

Here's a dance audition by Dancer/Artist Royalty J found online for Canadian singer Tina Brown. Tina can be best described as Canada's "Lady Gaga meets P!nk".  Stateside, she's opened for Lil' Wayne, Keri Hilson, T-Pain, and Asher Roth. Her music is self-described as "Hip-Rock". Interesting.
Here's the audition from Royalty J (a medley of Janet Jackson choreography), followed by Tina Brown's teaser video for her single "Vodka & Tequila" . The Gaga comparisons will come, but I think Tina has a lot more potential than meets the eye. Shouts to Royalty J.

You can follow Tina on Twitter™  @TinaBrownMusic and Royalty J at @iPrinceNathan


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