New Music: @BSLADE: "DIESEL" (Official Concept Video)

B.SLADE™ just premiered (via his Tumblr account) the first concept video
for his new album, "DIESEL", to be released
worldwide online on 7.19.11. The first video is its title track, "DIESEL".
It is visually dark, and subdued. Truly an aesthetically subdued stunning short film.
Here's how B.SLADE™ himself described it: 

This video is a dark & ugly look at what brought us through the darkest times. Shot in film noir style, this avant-garde piece is a dedication to Nate Dogg and all of the forerunners and strong black men in civil rights entertainment and hip hop culture. It also depicts a strong foundation in the African American Slave and Church that also brought our people through. Diesel runs in our blood. This same grade of audacious tenacious fuel brought us as a people from slave ships to the white house, but not without a major sacrifice upon the behalf of some historical bold black men. No matter what race or orientation you might be, don’t ever lose your Diesel, this is what the album is all about.  
 Directed & Edited by Bruce Wayne for Charles Dale, LLC
Check out the video below.


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