New Music From @BSLADE: "DIESEL" Album and "I Love You" Single"

B.SLADE™: "DIESEL" album cover// Courtesy Civic Taylor and Suxxess Records

Well, after months of internet hype, "DIESEL" is finally here.
There are 2 official versions of this album so far,
the iTunes™ version, and the Bandcamp version.
Both are different, as the Bandcamp version has extra tracks.
However, both versions include a video for the title track.
This album is being hailed by some listeners as "his best work" and
"surpassing anything from [his previous brand's] days".
While the previous released under the B.Slade™ brand have been
categorized as "mixtape" releases, this is his first OFFICIAL mainstream
release under his new brand 
(not counting "Stereotype", which, as an actual double- disc album,  
is a masterpiece on its own).
Also released on July 19th was the Japan Relief single, "I LOVE YOU",
which was released in conjunction with
to support the efforts of Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake relief
It's really hard to believe that B.Slade has released 5 full-length releases in one year.
If you include the "exit album", "The Parking Lot" under his previous moniker, TON3X,
(which, if you ask me, is a B.Slade™ album under a different name)
as well as "GosPop", which was later labeled as a "vault"release, as it was ...
the amount of music is staggering for one year.
"Diesel" marks the official entry of B.Slade™ as a (currently) indie artist
with the breadth of music and genre that is legendary.


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