@BSLADE To Release New Album, "Stunt B___H" On 1.25.13

B.Slade™ - "Stunt B%$@H" Cover Art // Courtesy Civic Taylor & Suxxess Records. Design By @MiddleNameRay
@BSLADE is all set to release his new album, "Stunt B___H" this Friday, January 25th, 2013.
Described as a "tour de force" from the artist, here are the liner notes for the forthcoming project:

 Originally Titled " Deciduous" B.Slade's sudden Global Shift altered the original intent. To fan the flames of an already existing fire, B.Slade embarks on an uncharted journey with a a rock infused assault of FUNK never before heard by this enigmatic chameleon: a provocative Stunt B___H.  While the industry and systematic organized religion overlooked this imagineer, he decided to make a path of his own un-apologetically.

The title still has some puzzled. There's no certain confirmation as to the missing 3 letters of the last "5" letter word. But that in itself is a defining statement, because he could be anything he chose to be AND never knew how to choose. His most experimental LP to date under the B.Slade Moniker, serves as a true Dawn of his Truest Art and expression. This can easily be misunderstood as a nod to The first B.Slade Mixtape from 3 years ago "Dawn O' The Unicorn" but that was Slade with training wheels. "
Stunt B___H" is Slade on a motorcycle.

"I've never recorded an album so quickly, and by doing so I've never recorded songs that sounded so intense. I purposely pushed myself and surprised myself as a person and as a character actor. I look at my musical projects as films. these films allow me to show different sides of myself and different characters within myself that I've never met yet. I can't see myself ever repeating myself and in doing my best to always bring fresh and innovative material, I will sometimes put willful pressure upon myself which in return births new concepts and soundscapes."

You will definitely be on a roller coaster ride when listening to this project. You don't get the sense that B.Slade is trying to prove anything to anyone but himself. There is a clear desperation to be heard clearly but not understood. There is no real explanation for why he took such a blatant approach to this album except that he simply felt the need to do so. It is a Tour De Force soundscape which lends itself to the very avant garde particularly on tracks like " The Contrary" where he blatantly defies the normal constrictions of time signature.

"I'm truly a musical daredevil. I love to hear people say what I can't do and could never pull off. Just like a stunt man on a motorcycle that has all eyes on him expecting him to fail I totally identify with that. I love the notion that I'm done or it's over for me. Or he can't keep putting out so much music and nail it each time. I love to be underestimated. If anyone will pull a stunt it's B.Slade. I truly feel like a rebel with a cause."



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