SPOTLIGHT: @MadisonWard22 - "I Feel Good" (James Brown Cover)

So, I'm on my FB timeline, getting ready go to sleep and I came across a video of this young lady singing Jamia Simone Nash's "Raise It Up" (which was later taken down by the poster.)
Anytime I hear anyone SANGIN'... I stop whatever I'm doing and research who they are, what they're doing, if they're signed, etc. I then proceed to try to find any music associated with them and cop their catalog if possible. Found out she's a volleyball player at University of Oklahoma (#22).
Great... I just wanna know about the music.
Then, I saw this latest video on her YouTube page... 
Just... watch.
Her name is Madison Ward. 
The video starts of with her on drums, just messing around...
And then 29 seconds in...
My head exploded.

Then... I saw this.

and Jazmine Sullivan's "Stuttering"

Need I type more?

Follow Madison on Twitter and IG @MadisonWard22.

Thank me later.


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