Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEW MUSIC: @SirElijahBlake - "Blueberry Vapors"

Elijah Blake has released a brand new project for FREE.
Less than 7 months after his debut album, "Shadows & Diamonds" was released,
he's dropped a collaborative project hosted By DJ Carisma & Yesi Ortiz.
More artistically daring and left-of-center than his debut, this project is a perfect companion to its namesake. (look it up).
Check out the documentary above as well as the tracklisting below to learn more about "Blueberry Vapors".
Then go to the website blueberryvapors.com to download the project.
Trust me.

Singing and Writing: Elijah Blake


1. Whatever Happened - Produced by Arnold & Djemba Djemba

2. Abide - Produced by Mr Carmack

3. Don't I Deserve - Produced by DJ Camper

4. Blueberry Vapors - Produced by Promnite, Mike Parvizi, Arnold, Two Fresh, and Djemba Djemba

5. Bidness - Produced by Ryan Tedder & Michael Foster

6. Forget You - Produced by Illangelo 

7. Voices in my Head - Produced by Branchez & Arnold

8. Zonin - Produced by Cosmos Midnight & Djemba Djemba

9. Overload - Produced by Promnite, Two Fresh, Arnold, Mr Carmack, and Djemba Djemba

10. Pretentious - Produced by Tec Beatz

Vocal Arrangements and Ideas by:
Elijah Blake, A1, Nocando, B.Slade, Blush, Michael Foster, and Georgia Ku.

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