ENXO (@OfficialEnxo) - "History II" Episode I: The End Of The Beginning

I'm SO proud of @OfficialEnxo.
This reality webseries is VERY well edited and directed (by Enxo himself).
Join him as he guides you through the next phase of his career.
Here's episode one.
Post your thoughts below :)


Enxo said…
I WOULD be the first to comment...lol.

FIRST, huuuge thanks for posting this up for me. I greatly appreciate your support for real.
SECOND, I'm so excited dude. I just feel like sometime REALLY soon something is gonna pop off and pump that adrenaline needle straight through my chest and boost my career, Pulp Fiction style. Just gotta keep working. Finding new ways to connect with people. So that we can MAKE HISTORY.

Anonymous said…
this is awesome.. where is part two???
J'Fuzion™ said…
I'm SO proud of you, Enxo. I can't wait for part 2.

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