Prince Throws Guitar To Concertgoer, Fan Gets Mobbed, Fan Wants Guitar Back

Anyone who's ever been to a Prince concert, or has seen him perform even on TV knows that he ALWAYS throws his guitar to someone to catch. A lot of the times it's his guitar tech or stagehand.
Sometimes, though, it's an audience member.
This concertgoer was lucky, and then almost got his ass handed to him by the mob 
of concertgoers who either wanted the guitar or at least a piece of the action by checking it out.
After stagehands pulled the guy out of the crowd, he took the guitar back and gave him a pick.
Dude now wants the guitar back.
Not gonna happen.
If you ask me, dude's a little salty he caught an ass-whoopin' in Oakland at a Prince concert.
Shouts to WORLDSTARHIPHOP for the video.


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