@BSLADE: ABC Beta "a reflection of metrosexual and cosmopolitan life"

photo by Logan Alexander//courtesy: www.BSLADENOW.com
"A Brilliant Catastrophe: BETA will be a reflection in word and picture of metrosexual   
                  & cosmopolitan life. It's general tenor will be one of gaiety, wit & satire.
It will become what is commonly called sophisticated, in that it will assume a reasonable degree of enlightenment in the part of its listeners & viewers of art. It will hate bunk. It will offend only for the purpose of bringing attention to much greater social & political issues previously ignored or avoided in church, media & industry. "   - B. Slade™

"A Brilliant Catastrophe: Beta" will be released online via www.BSLADENOW.com for FREE on 11.25.10 from Suxxess Records.  
You have been forewarned.


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