#NP Chrisette Michelle & Lem Payne: "Love Thy Brother" (Mixtape) [New Music] #NowPlaying

Chrisette Michelle @ Lem Payne just dropped a new mixtape in anticipation and as a prelude to her 3rd album entitled "Let Freedom Reign", to be released 11.30.10.
I just started listening to this mixtape today and I'm really diggin' it! I always loved Chrisette's voice and her brother, Lem,  fits quite well over the tracks. This is DEFINITELY incense, candles, and chardonnay material. I LOVE "Aston Martin Music" (Remix) and the Salaam Remi-produced "Dear Miss Audrey".

COP THE MIXTAPE HERE.. you can follow Chrisette on Twitter @ChrisetteM and Lem Payne (her brother) @LemPayne . Tell them J'Fuzion™ told you to stop by courtesy of the homegirl @MelissaMusique.


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