Michael Jackson: "Vision" (Short Film Box Set) 11.22.2010 /"Breaking News" Teaser

 It's starting to look like the Michael Jackson Estate and MJ's kids are going to have a good Christmas, if they celebrate. Not only is the new album "Michael" being released on December 14th, as well as the new "Michael Jackson Experience" multi-console video game released early next year and can be pre-ordered HERE, but there is a box set of EVERY SINGLE ONE of MJ's short films... and get this: it's only $40!!! I remember when a 3-DVD box set with a 60-page book would run you close to $100+. Check out the preview for the "Michael Jackson: VISION" box set below.

You can pre-order "Michael Jackson: VISION" HERE or any major online retailer.
Below is the teaser vdideo for "Breaking News", the new MJ song that will be released TOMORROW (11.08.10) on MichaelJackson.com.


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