Dr. Funkenberry: Prince To Release 25-Minute Long Live Version of "Extra Lovable"!

Prince//Photo: LiveNation

OK, so I just woke up to THIS...
Word around the "series of tubes" via the good Dr. Funkenberry is that Prince has a
"25 minute live version of the bootleg classic 'EXTRA LOVABLE' that he is about to unleash".
Yes. You read that right. 25 MINUTES LONG. LIVE.
And suddenly, all is right with the world.
For those who may not know, it was recorded in 1982 possibly for inclusion on the Vanity 6 album, and then revisited around 1983 after the departure of Dez Dickerson from The Revolution.
Those who have heard it will tell you, the original is a MONSTER.
BIG shouts to the good doctor for the info.
As soon as I hear (or read) anything, I'll pass the info.


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