Jay Smooth: "A History Lesson For Chris Brown"

COMMENTARY: Now... THIS guy... kept it real... straight... no chaser.
As much as I somewhat sympathize with Chris Brown,
 particularly after his public mea culpa at the MJ Tribute on BET 
(which, even at the time, some  people considered to be a publicity stunt), and am still a 
fan of his music, Jay Smooth hits so many nails on the head.
Chris, while maybe somewhat misunderstood, is not a victim in this case,
and he has a LOT to be grateful for... like the fact that he still has a career.
You can't compare apples to oranges and victimize yourself when the
public (maybe not YOUR die-hard fans or stans) really sees the whole
Rihanna incident as somewhat new, whether you're forgiven by them or not.
I mean, it's not like you were blackballed by an entire genre and community, 
thereby pretty much robbing you of a good portion of your 
livelihood and are continuously attacked by religious bigots,
simply for saying you were attracted to your own sex or anything...


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