NEW MUSIC: Ohene Savant - "Username"

Ohene Savant (pronounced "O' Henny") (@OheneSavant on Twitter™)  is one of the dopest rappers
I've heard in a MINUTE. Being from the Bronx, I appreciate
REAL Hip-Hop. I'm not a rigid Hip-Hop purist and can appreciate its evolution,
but there's something about lyrical dexterity and this particular track's 
production (by @OheneSavant himself) that I COMPLETELY dig. 
Makes me feel like I'm back home.
Shouts to @BSLADE for passing this along. 
You can cop more of Ohene's music at OHENEMUSIC.COM
Tell him J'Fuzion™ said "Peace".

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Lady T'Mil said...

Very HOT! Glad @BSLADE posted it earlier and now you got it spinning

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