Music Spotlight: iLL-Literacy (Hip-Hop)

iLL-Literacy: "iB4the1" album art// courtesy:

 This band has been hittin' me up for a minute.
Made up of a teacher, a Def Poet, and an Emmy-winning poet,
iLL-Literacy is a band, a show, a  curriculum, an innovative collective.
I recently received one of their joints in my inbox.
The thing is, that brought me to their website, 
which brought me to their FREE EP "iB4the1".
Described as a "musical novel", this is AMAZING MUSIC.
REAL Hip-Hop, with rock, soul, funk hybrids... everything.
Check out their EP below and then below THAT,
is their exclusive joint they sent me, "Runaway".
Thanks, iLL-Literacy. You are the TRUTH, and 
I can't wait to collaborate with you soon. 
Check out the iLL-Literacy movement on their official website,

EXCLUSIVE: iLL-Literacy: "Runaway"


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