Whitney Houston Checks Into Out-Patient Rehab

According to various reports, singer Whitney Houston checked into
and outpatient rehab facility for drug and alcohol-related issues.
One of her unnamed reps has been quoted as saying as Ms. Houston
is currently dealing with a "long-standing " recovery process.
Ms. Houston was just seen on May 5th at Prince's show at The Forum,

Honestly, though, this last album came way too soon.
I hate posting news like this because it's so sad.
Everyone who saw her live even in the beginning of the
campaign for her latest album knew in their hearts that
she wasn't ready. Vocally, she wasn't the same, and
I would imagine that the reality of the situation was 
too much for her to handle, especially with all of the
bad reviews from her concerts.
Those of us music lovers that love Whitney, myself included,
and saw the situation for what it was
and not from just the standpoint of a fan were very
frustrated watching her label parade Whitney as if she sounded
"better than ever" (to quote Clive Davis).
What she needed was recovery and rest.
Shame on them. 
We all know that Whitney is a grown woman, that she made
her own decisions, but an addict fresh out of rehab is in no
position to even consider making an album and tour with
all of the temptations that go along with it... and her
label knew it. Her people knew it. 
But when you treat a legend like Whitney Houston as if
nothing has changed, that her voice is fine, and that she can pull
off an album and tour, don't be surprised when things like this
happen. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
This is precisely why the industry is the way it is now.
Too many people worrying about MONEY instead of what counts.
On that note, we're all rooting for you, Whitney. We love you.


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