Music Pick Of The Week: @IAmCreeSummer - "Street Faerie"

Released in 1999 and Executive-Produced by her good friend Lenny Kravitz,
this album was released on then-Sony subsidiary WORK.
From what I remember, the album was released on 4/20/1999 
(I'm sure that wasn't a coincidence... wink, wink) and Cree was dropped from the label VERY shortly thereafter, I'm not sure why. I don't remember whether or not it was because "Revelation Sunshine", the first single, didn't chart well, or whether it was because WORK folded. All I know is I'd heard from a label rep at the time that she was no longer on the label and promotion for the album stopped.. 
I mean, a few months after release. What a shame.
Either way, the album was slept on in a major way. I loved Cree and Lenny's musical collaborations, while Cree's lyrical allusions and raspy sultry vocals were refreshing to me.
Above is one of the songs from the album (my favorite), "Deliciously Down".
You can prominently hear Lenny on guitar while Cree sings about needing "some love to open [her] heart".
Good stuff.  


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