New Music: Durand Bernarr (@AlcoholHarmony) - "Drowning Deeply" (@JFuzion's Hula Remyx) [@_Maxwell_ Cover]

Durand Bernarr // courtesy
I produced this track for Durand about a year ago when we discussed him remaking the song (originally titled, "Drowndeep: Hula", from Maxwell's genius "Embrya" album).
THe interesting is that the track he used wasn't completed yet, and I'd intended at some point to re-record and add more to it as this version was more of a reference version. 
We hope you enjoy it. More collaborations with Durand are coming soon...
"Drowning Deeply (@JFuzion's Hula Remix)"
produced by @JFuzion 
written by Stuart Matthewman and Musze


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