NEW VISUAL: @SirElijahBlake - "Fading"

"Fading" is one of my personal favorite songs on Elijah Blake's amazing debut
 album, "Shadows & Diamonds". What a great song with a powerful message.
For anyone who's struggled with addiction or knows someone who does, 
this hits really close without being preachy or corny.
Written by Elijah Blake and B.Slade (who's heard briefly in the beginning of the track)
over a subdued track produced by C4, the song tells the story of a young girl lost in her pain and unraveled by addiction.
Thank you, Elijah and B.,  for showing the flip side of "I Just Wanna..." and the effects
of being "so turnt up" you can't turn down.
The industry needs this balance right now.
Too many people are dying and caught up in keeping up.
"It's nice to laugh, but don't be the joke..."
If you need help, get it. Please. 
before it's too late.


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